Blue Cookies first time grow. LED FAIL


Hog, how are the girls doing now?



I did have some heat problems at first but once i hooked my lights to my exhaust fan havent had any problems i got lights with vented hood



They are doing wonderful “they look good to me”, thanks for asking. They are so bushy i cant hardly water them. But my heat is up there a high of 84 and low 68. I have one exhaust fan that’s to powerful and makes a lot of noise and then i have another fan that can hardly blow open the vent door. Things that made a big difference in growth was: HDS 600 W,nutrients,humidifier. I think i have a successful clone going on 5 days. I will get around to pics later.

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What i did to drop my temps was leave my exhuest on 24/7 and i have my other fan on a temp controler when the temp drops below my set temp my fan kicks on and moves air around and temps go up to where i want them or u could just have a biger in take hole the the exhaust fan hole mine is a 6" exhaust and i have an 8" intake hole thats what helped me just letting u no just in case u have heat problems in the future it may be something to help up out i have 1200 watts and i can keep my temps between 70 and 75 that way

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,17 days later to the present pic. I had to prematurely change to my bloom light. I was gona change back when my replacement veg bulb arrives in 5 days but now i’m thinking go to 12 /12 cycle. There all the same strain but the one front left is 10 " taller than the other 3,i’ve also taken some clones from it. Here’s were i need suggestions. In the pic can anyone tell me if i need to do some pruning on the 3 shortys. And i do have some slight leaf yellowing and i’m guessing nutrient burn or i could of hit the leafs with nutes while watering.



You have alot of tacoing going on with your leaves i would get them temps in check before flipping to 12 12. Aslo you planta have a wonderful green. Im surptised the viparspectra didnt work good for u im running 2 450s in my tent and i love the growth and results. But im also running hids.

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they look a little over-watered and heat stressed,
looks like u have achieved maximum N levels, do not increase it any for now.!



I would agree



question, My veg (600 w mh) lite burnt out 4 days ago, i’m 70 days in veg. and 3 days ago flipped to 12/12 I have my replacement bulb arriving today. I had no other lite at the time so i replaced with the bloom lite. My question is would it be better for me to put the veg bulb back in and go a couple weeks then change to the bloom light ? One has to be better than the other i just don’t know which one.

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I would just stick with your bloom light it will help ur plants start to grow flowers. Mh may help but i would just stick with the hps if thats what u have in.

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i would not swap it back, but i would run the MH 1 wk into 12/12 next time.!

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Hey SOG I have things happening to my leaves,lol. Hope you can give me a diagnoses from my pictures i’m gonna upload. My eyes are bad but the pics on my large computer screen showed more than i thought. I now see darkening on the leaves and also there are some leaves with a shiny appearance and there curling. My guess is broad mites but i’m hoping not. I been using all advice that you been giving me. Been working on temps and finally decided to turn bulb down to 50% because my heat wants to stay around 80-82 F during the day and 64 at nite



Hog, that is some funky symptoms they have,
definitely check for insects, check the leaves, stem, and ‘soil’.!!
if u find no signs of pests it may be a root problem…
over/under- watered, pH hi/low or swinging, over-fertilizing,…

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I’ve checked for insects and i can’t see anything with my magnifying glass. I have been noticing silver flakes and i stuck my hand in soil and noticed silver crap on my hand. I could of over or under watered still on a learning curve with that. What i been doing is letting soil dry before next watering, trying not to over water. It’s now on another plant. I have 2 unaffected plants. Should i segregate ? Haven’t checked ph in couple days but will next time.

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that is Vermiculite, it sometimes rises to the top a little from watering.

not yet,
do u have adequate drainage holes on the sides of the buckets (along the bottom).?
use a moisture meter to check the bottom of your pots where the roots grow,
only water when the meter reads down in the ‘moist’ area close to or just into the ‘dry’ area.!

mine is a moisture, light (candle power), and pH meter, but the ‘soil pH meters’ suck,

they suck so much…
my ‘pH’ probe had an accident, but now the moisture probe fits into the drainage holes.!

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Always check your PH with a “good” PH pen it will save a lot of heart ache. Also just hang some sticky yellow boards around the grow area, it will give you an indication of what flying devils are around.



Here’s updated pics of my grow of 4 plants, it’s been 2 weeks since flipping to 12/12. I’m tagging the following 3 because they’ve interacted with me on this post earlier. @Hungrybud @SlowOldGuy @Killadruid. Front left plant is the main problem with yellowing leaves and curling going on but i don’t know why. And I been wanting to get a root additive to help growth. Is that advisable at this point ?

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looks kinda like a Sulfur deficiency, maybe Zinc def…???
how much S and Zn is in the FF fert’s.?



Sulfur isn’t mentioned, Zinc .05 %.,Do all 4 look like they have a deficiency ? What do you see that makes you say that ?



I would say they dont look bad lots of flowers popping up yay. Look a little heat stressed thats about it.

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