Blue cookies almost done

Did the maple syrup.waited a couple days.Just did last waiting a a week a 2before I’m snipping these bitches :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sunglasses::raised_hands:


I saw a lot of white pistils I would say you have more then just 1 week to go.

They looks great nonetheless. Good job.


What @Chemzdead said!

Looking good! You have a couple weeks to go yet. They will bulk up nicely for you. Pics of the trichomes will be helpful when you get closer.


I agree a couple to 3 weeks left. Should fatten up nicely.

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Ya I hear ya these are almost a week old pics.imma take new ones in a couple days:)


Maple syrup???

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Technically I used molasses not maple syrup my bad.natural molasses. I did it a week and a half before my last flush

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So how do you use molasses before a flush?

One teaspoon/gal. Did it after I was done giving it nutes.Used it in one watering , waited a week then flushed it…now I wait for the best part​:drooling_face::raised_hands::raised_hands: