Blue cheese flower time

Just switched the light 12/12 , any feed back on how many weeks to harvest when to start the clock on my 8 to 10 weeks also I’m running 1000 sodium ,also self watering five gal buckets should I add bloom ? At first sign of flower .and what about flushing with this set up .I burnt the last crop hand watering to the point of no thc hopeing for a better turn out this time

11 weeks is more realistic. They take awhile. I will use veg nutes for about 3 weeks into flower or after the stretch is done.

Do you use newts in your self water containers? As I have already used dry fertilizer just want to clarify. 11 weeks really ok flush at ten then ?also about 4feet above plants is were I found yellowing and burning to stop.sound rite to you? Thanks for the help

I don’t use self watering containers and grow in coco.

A picture of the plant would help alot.