Blue Cheese Femanized seeded at harvest

i had just harvested my femanized blue cheese… and noticed that all of them seeded… curious to what happened?

Grown indoors or outdoors? With or without other strains nearby?

My vote is Hermie in the genetics or pollination.


indoors all seeds same strain, 1 clone same strain… veg outside flowered inside

i am just not sure how i would have pollinated them… i have only grown this same strain. my 3rd harvest. maybe your right with the hermie although i didn’t notice

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That was the reasoning behind my questions…

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They could have gotten pollen on them when they were outside vegging also

but woukd that not to have to be from another male cannabis plant?

i mean… seeds are good though… but i just don’t want to pick through

I agree with @Medicineman33. They could have gotten pollinated during veg outside. From insects, the wind, etc.

It doesnt mean it was your male plant or herm if it was outside