Blue Cheese AUTO - Review

Blue Cheese Auto - Pheno Type A (Blue Berry Dominant) 88 days/cured > 30 days

  • Grows big and tall, and fast
  • Needs heavy nutrients
  • Has Purple (blue) Buds
  • Has a berry smell
  • Has a more indica feel
  • whisphy large buds
  • harder to trim
  • grew to 42"

Blue Cheese Auto - Pheno B (Cheese Dominant) 85 days/cured > 30 days

  • Grows like a tight candelabra
  • Needs medium nutrients
  • Has more yellow (cheesey) buds
  • More sativa feel
  • Tight compact buds
  • Easy to trim
  • Grew to 29"
  • Best plant I ever grew for Grow, Trim and Smoke

Both seeds started same day in the same environment, next to each other under a 19/5 light until the last 2 weeks and changed to a 17/7 light in 3.8 gallon pots.

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got any pics?



looks great

Very nice. I got some cheese auto to grow outside this year. Im intrested in the high.