Blue cheese auto diagnosis

Hi guys and gals, I’m reaching out because I am desperate, over the last 4 or 5 days my autoflowers have nose dived while in the flower stage (about 3-4 weeks), I have read it could be a root problem. I keep it under a phlizon 900W led, have been using bloom and micro nutrients in a 3 gallon fabric pot, kept at about 28 degree Celsius and humidity at between 40 to 50%. It’s planted in a compost mix of about 40% peat but I’m shocked as this day last week the plant was bushy and flourishing. Any help would be much appreciated.

What are your PH and PPM of input and runoff? Watering regimen? Looks to be drying out!

Ph 6.9, I thought it might of been nitrogen toxicity so I gave it about a litre of water and there was a bit of run off from pot. Soil was damp before I added water?

I was adding about 5ml of micro and 5 ml of bloom per gallon of water. Not exact measurements

GH Trio?

In or out? PPMs?
If it is in fresh compost it should not need much of anything, IMO!
How old is it? Do you have a PPM pen? Do a soil slurry test if you do! 6.9 is high in soil, shoot for 6.5 next watering. I would let it dry out completely beforehand!

6.9 in.
I’ll leave it to dry out and only feed with water at at about 6.5 and see how I get on

Chop, clean , try again

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How do you mean? Sorry now this is my first plant I’m not tuned in with all terminologies

I mean it looks dead! I don’t think there’s anything to help this one to turn around and finish flowering. It’s lost all its fan leaves, the buds have blacked and it appears to be holding on by almost nothing at all.

It would seem to me it’s time to chalk this one up as a learning experience and move onto the next grow


I have to agree with @PharmerBob on this one, sorry but I think she’s done at this point

I might be flogging a dead horse but i put the 3 gallon pot into a bigger plastic pot with holes drilled in the bottom and started flushing with 6.5 ph water and the run off was very concentrated, I repeated until fairly clear. I have back in the tent and if it breathes a bit of life back into her ill update ye, thanks for the replies :+1:


Hope see makes it :crossed_fingers::v: