Blue Cheese Auto 9 weeks from Sprout

This is my first Autoflower grow it’s Blue Cheese from ILGM and is a tough plant! I’m more used to growing photo periods and I did research and plant directly into a 3gal fabric pot with plenty of EWC and Gija Green 4-4-4 & 2-8-4. It crowned on 11-7-22 and it just started to fade nicely should be about 3 weeks from harvest.


Cool. I’m growing a few Cheeses now. After a rough start the sprinters are taking off. It’s great to get a glimpse into the future. I’m at 30 days in. I’m figuring these autos out with you. I think if you give them a good start, they’ll do the rest. Soil, what’s your brand? Mix your own? Tag me in!

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I use Ocean Forest and Coco Loco 50/50 as well as extra Perlite and Earth worm castings. Also learned Not to feed and/or water your auto’s anything like your Photos. Quite a bit less, after all they are Much Smaller plants. Thanks for the response

Looks great!! Gonna be a fine harvest!

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Yea, if you got the soil mix right from the beginning (no matter the recipe) The autos kind of grow automatically. I have to go up and down stairs to water. Day 31 it’s time to bring a few buckets up and work out of them. They are starting to flower and are drinking more water these days. I think I over did it with molasses tea on my first run. I just eyeballed it one time and did some damage. I might get some nutes from ILGM and use it if they need it. good luck and have fun!