Blue cheese 15 days into flower.. any input on co2 cans?

looking for recommendations for co2 cans

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Are you running double the DLI recommended for growing cannabis?

Do you have a sealed, climate-controlled space to maintain a high partial-pressure of CO2?

Do you have O being sent to the root zone to keep plant from suffocating?

If you have all of the above, use of a pressurized CO2 cylinder along with monitoring equipment will do fine. Otherwise you are wasting time effort and money. Any kind of ‘fermentation’ generator is a waste of money.


Are you using a CO2 monitor on your tent??
If you are and are seeing low CO2 readings then maybe something inside your tent would help.
But first I would make sure you are pulling outside air into your grow tent and pushing out hot air from the top.
If you aren’t replacing inside air that may be a way to replenish your CO2.

BTW - CO2 in the environment is pretty high, scientist say higher than in the recent past.

Not to mention bug bait.


Waste of money unless you basically have a “professional or high dollar” setup

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You make ur own C02’ you need a black two bottle u want holes in the lid and u need warm water just under halfway three teaspoons of yeast and either cut up a tomato for the bottle or apple add it all together and shake and hang up thats it so simple

And does nothing.


Mate it was shown on you tube from other growers that have done it how in the hell would you know if it works or not ive been using it in my grows since i started and i have had good results so keep ur comments to ur self until u have tried it ur self its basically the same as the C02 containers u can buy that u add water to its no difference

I thought co2 was mainly used during veg.

It can be used throughout the grow, but it’s a waste of time and money for the majority of hobby growers.


I’ve been running once around my house naked every night since I started growing and I get good results too.
What’s your point?


:rofl::laughing::joy:. That was some funny s*#%


I know: they don’t work either.

CO2 has been thoroughly investigated and the benefits and problems are well understood. High partial-pressures are necessary in addition to double the light levels needed to flower out a plant normally. This means plant is in a potentially dangerous environment for people and animals so monitoring equipment is smart. Because it’s a sealed environment (to actually have high enough partial-pressure of CO2) you have to have equipment to remove heat and humidity generated by the closed environment. Plus, the roots need O so air needs to be supplied to root zone.

None of this is trivial. Using a fermentation bag truly does not help your grow at all.


Fair enough ,me personally i think with the use of the homemade C02 that ive made has made a difference in my opinion however i very well could be waisting my time but hey it doesn’t cost much to do anyway to do so i will keep doin what doin .i do appreciate your feedback i may look at a C02 gauge to see if the C02 actually goes up in my tent when i do use it

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It’s not hurting anything and if you think it helps then go for it.


I spend so much time looking at mine that my breath raises the CO2 levels. All the drool helps with the Rh as well.