Blue Autos are 34' to 38' tall and growing?

just wondering if anyone else has had their autos get this big? i planted 5 blueberry autos on thanksgiving and 4 of the 5 made it and are growing huge! i thought they would max out at around 32’ inches and the smallest one just passed that. they are beginning to flower but my closet is running out of space… i guess this is a good thing? any suggestions?


i feel ya @pbs86… i started dec12 and my blueberry autos are huge! i’m also running out of room… i’m going to have to thin out my herd some,


@BIGE @pbs86 In the description on the seed page, it says “compact”. Now realizing that some plants can be 6 feet tall, I guess plants that size are smaller, but when I think compact I’m thinking under 3 feet at harvest. Interested to see what you guys wind up with for widths and heights as well at harvest. And of course, every grow is different…

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i should have topped more,i think…now i don’t think i can,a little late in the game. im trying lst to fight off the upward grow

i was thinking about topping 2 of them but almost everyone on here said that autos should not be trimmed so i instead did some LST by tying braches down early in veg but since they have began flowering they have continued to go up! my closet is only 3ft by 5ft by 6ft high and they are just about out of room to grow out and can only go up another foot or so. i dont know what i would have done if all 5 seeds sprouted lol. here are some pics of them. For being my first grow i must say i am seriously impressed with my results. The buds are forming so nice!

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