Blue Amnesia + OG Kush Auto 1st journal

Hi guys

This is my 1st growing journal


  1. Blue Amnesia Auto

  2. OG Kush Auto

I germinated both seeds starting by soaking the seeds in a glass of distilled water ph 6.3 for 24 hours then placed those seeds in paper towel for 48 hours.

The blue amnesia has 1 inch tap root while the OG Kush around 0.5 inch.

I filled two solo cups with soil mix + perlite until run off before I planted those seeds in about 1.5 inch deep

I spray plastic bag with water then cover the cups as a humidity domes.

I place them outside my tent to avoid LED light inside (it has another blue amnesia inside)

Room temperature is around 30-31 C

Hope these two will sprout soon.

Any advices will be appreciated.



Sounds like you’re off to a good start good luck on your grow


@22nory Hola!! You seem very knowledgeable for your first run and are off to a great start already! Happy growing!!


Sounds like you’ve done your research and off to a great start


Woooowww thank you soo much guys
I Love all your replies!! it makes me more confident

Will keep you guys posted

Have a wonderful day


Good luck, there will be lots of great advice if needed.

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Your off to a good start. “HAPPY GROWING”

Thank you for your support guys

Here is the 2nd day after I planted both seeds.
I’m very happy they both popped up from the soil in the 18 oz clear solo cup.

The Blue Amnesia Auto is 2cm

The OG Kush is around 1.5cm

They still have their seed skin attached.

Should I remove these domes now and move it under the LED light? is 30 inches distance is good for young seedlings?

my LED light is
Full Spectrum QBZ 1000W Samsung LM281B Quantum LED with 65 watt real power from wall meter

I checked from the soil is still very moist, I might wait another day or two before I water it again, should I water until run off again on my next watering?

Any advices will be much appreciated

Forum contributors may advise watering further from seedling (encourage root stretching out laterally). Seedling “HOOD” (shell) can be sprayed with “mist” of water spray (moisture may help hood drop off). If manually removing hood, be careful and real gently.


Hi guys

hope you have a great weekend

Just want to update with some photos the girls on Day 2

Here is Blue amnesia auto

Here is OG Kush Auto


@22nory rise and shine little ladies!!

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Hi guys
hope you have a wonderfulday

Just an update of for these 2 girls I am growing on DAY 4

Here is the OG Kush Auto, she is 4 cm tall

Here is the Blue Amnesia Auto, she is 4 cm tall. The cotyledons somehow don’t open. should I keep her that way or should I do something to fix her?

I mist spray them twice a day around 3-5 squirts each to keep them moist

I watered the solo cup till a lil run off before I planted them and have not water them since.
I am thinking of watering it tomorrow

Do I need to water them till run off again this time? Or any suggestions how many ml should I water each solo cup?
the solo cup is around 18 oz

Any advices are appreciated

@22nory be careful of overzealous watering, I can attest to drowning seedlings myself recently lol. The lady with the unopened cotyledons has moved past them to the first true leaves, don’t stress, those round ones will diminish on their own soon. Your on your way up. :point_up_2::seedling:

Hi guys
hope you have a good weekend

Just want to update you on the Day 7 of my babies grow

The Blue Amnesia Auto.
She had helmet head since she sprouted even few times mist spray didn’t do much.
I finally used tweezer and gently removed it.

I water her using dry/weight technique I read from other post.

her dry weight is 137 gram and wet weight is 250 gram. I water her around 50 gram of ph-ed 6.3 when her weight is 170 gram.

But this time I watered her 40 gram of ph-ed water and 10 gram of Superthrive water (2 drop in 1 litre) to relief her stress after I removed helmet head.

I really hope she is happy now :smiley:

The OG Kush is growing really well. I am very happy with the progress.

I also water her using dry/weight technique

her dry weight is 122 gram and wet weight is 200 gram. I water her around 35 gram of ph-ed 6.3 when her weight is 145 gram.

Any advices will be appreciated

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