BluBerry Auto Leaf Tips

Hi- 2x ILGM Blueberry Autos 4 weeks into veg using NFTG#4 with natures living auto soil mixed as per in the bottom of 5 gallon fabric pot. I fed a light tea of molasses, worm casting, alfalfa, blood, and kelp meals last weekend when I first noticed the tips. Before then only water at 6.5-6.8. Since then I have added 5ml/gallon of cal mag. Temp is no higher than 80 and rh is 40-60
18/6 under sf2000 @ 18” with 3 fems vegging next to them under a sf2000@24”
Thanks in advance for your help.


Nothing to worry about IMO, little burn tips from heat source, it doesn’t hurt my grow.

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Agreed with Zee, those plants look very healthy. Only thing i notice is the light green color, maybe not quite enough nitrogen. Otherwise, they look really good. I have 1 plant that seemed to struggle with nitrogen uptake despite feeding all the same 20-20-20 nutrients. It’s still flowering really well right now.

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Thanks! Any recommendations for a quick Nitro fix?
I am trying to stay organic but this is my first time so really just trying to get a quality harvest.

I use pelleted urea for a nitrogen only dilution to fertilize on occasion. Depends on what you see on the leaf color. You have to be really careful with doing this tho. Read up on how to dilute it, no more than 1/2 teaspoon per gallon is my preferred mix. Urea is 46% nitrogen so it’s easy to burn a plant by mixing too much.

I’m brewing up the following tea.
2 gallons ph’d water
2 tbsp black strap
1 cup EWC
1 tbsp each bat guano, blood meal, bone meal, alfalfa meal.
Will feed tomorrow.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Funny you should ask!
These are thems!
I started and then abandoned this due to no response.
My bad perhaps, but I was having trouble navigating this site prior.

Sounds a bit strong. So much N. I’d suggest just the ewc and alfalfa with molasses.


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Yup. Burned tips isnt so bad. How they looking now? Same plants?

Same plants as the other post, yessir