Bloomspect lights

Just a beginner here! I have a 32"x32"x60 tent with a 600w Bloomspect light. I’m looking to expand to a 4x4x80 tent and am looking to see what size light you all think i would need. I’ve read so many different opinions on the net that it’s hard to decide. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

This is for the bloomspect 1000w light

As you can see, it pulls just over 200w at the wall so your 600w lamp probably only pulls 150w so for a 4x4 you would need about 6 of those. I recommend a 630w cmh or 2x 315w

I would stay in the 32x32 and run a single 315w cmh

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The Horny One (sorry couldnt resist) is correct. Some light manufacturers are totally Lying about light outputs. Not saying u cant grow with it… obviously ur growing with it now. But if upgrading id go for better efficiency. Those 315 cmh’s would def kill it.

Just depends on what kind of lighting u want and ur budget


Also new grower started out with 48x48x80tent and 2000 watt seams to be working great good luck may your buds be big and tasty