Bloomspec lights? Yay or Ney

hey everyone…

Recently got a 3x3x6 tent and already have 2 Bloomspec lights
what they call a 600w and a 1200 w

I have no clue what the actual is but the name has been around for a while and the 600 worked great in the tiny box I used to grow last year (20"x20"x30" lined with mylar blanket 6" above the plants most of the time)
I added the 1200 this year to use this bigger tent…
and have them 8-12 inches above the plants
Has anyone ever used this brand light? Seems like there is alot of light but I would like to know if I should change to something bigger.

If I need to change I have to keep temp and cost both to buy and run in mind because we are not in our own space and have to keep $$$ down for running…Happy wife happy life

Tanks in advance…

Any suggestions would be welcomed

I’m running LEDs 4000W in the same space and had good luck. I’ve stuck with Samsung lights and Mean Well driers. I have a buddy that has run Bloomspec - think they are good lower cost LEDs.

Nay I say to the bloomspec way, grow it roll it smoke it away & soon you’ll see that HLG is the light of today. (got that straight out of the Dr. Suess stoners manual) I’d try working with what I had 1st & if the results don’t pan out try selling them on E-bay or use them for vegging. I have seen friends use them & both have gone to better led lighting.