BloomPlus lights

Im looking at two different lights for a 4 by 4 setup.I found Bloomplus xp4000 and bp4000 both have samsung diodes but the xp has 301h diodes.Is this a total waste of time and money?Was considering the diablo but its 3 time the price?I plan on putting in at least 1 hlg uva light as a supplement maybe 2,one for each side and light in the middle.Thanks in advance for any information.

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I’d rather buy an HLG for that price. You are assured you are getting a quality light and the customer service is awesome.

You’ll need more than one light of that type to adequately light a 4x4. Two should do it. I ran 2 HLG 260XL Rpecs when I had a 4x4.


they are around 300 plus tax versus 1200 from what ive seen.

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A 260XL Rspec is usually the same price as the bloomplus.

The HLG 260 is on sale for $314.


hey @SilvaBack203 might u be able to help out here?

Alright for a set up like that you could go with a hlg blackbird the bloomplus adds to much heat and not a fan of the costumer service. The 260w xl v2 rspect on promo right now is less than $300


That shouldn’t be the sale price should be the normal price

I’ll check them out now that they’re competetivly priced

The 260s normal price have been in the high 300s for quite a while. I bought one in early 2020 and it was $369 back then.

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How much does it cost for the already assembled one?

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They are a little more. I’m not sure how much more. There are also some third-party sellers assemble them for sales too.

If you’ve ever built something with Legos, you can most likely build the HLG kit. It only takes about 10 minutes and it’s pretty hard to screw it up.


I bought this light a year ago and I’ve been getting really nice nugs from it actually I seen it was on sale I bought another one best money for your buck I guarantee it. It’s on sale now on Amazon you can get it for $200 with coupon


What’s the coverage area? Pics please?

I’m running 2 )400watt in a 4x6room and I’ve been having really good success with it

To be honest with you I had to buy like five six lights before I figured it out but it was the Amazon return 30 day policy so I got what I got now then I love it


That’s a large area for the money :moneybag:

It really isn’t when you come down to it if you’re going to grow full size marijuana plants you can only really grow four five Max in that room if you want to get full potential from the plant I could put eight plants in there but I rather have four double size

You can find that light on Amazon and it’s on sale I paid almost $400 it’s on sale for right now you can get it for $200 and change and I bought another one on sale just for a backup in case I need it


I would use this on one side of my 4×8 or better yet 1/3 of it. Going to check it out

Darnit the deal literally just ended everything was 20% off

Here’s my pics from using the 260w xl v2 rspect on a 2.5x5.5x6.5 tent.

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Thats where Im at now have the 2 on the way and going to check fc for each and see.I didnt want to keep sending things back and forth but it is what it is.I put in a call to hlg.Well see if they call back.The diablo and the uva would fit perfect but its a little about the cost.I tend to go overboard with things so Im trying to be a tad cautious on this.I do understand its the heart of the operation so Im willing to try either.Ill show updates when lights arrive.