Bloomin bloomin bloomin and looking good


the ladies are blooming! any suggestions for trimming, lighting or anything else you see we might need to get the best buds?




Looks like they are doing great!

I’m not sure if it’s angle of camera, but one light looks quite a bit higher above plant than other. And how far away are the fluorescents?


trying to keep the leds 18" and some plants are shorter than others. trying to keep the t5s far enough away to avoid burn


Gotcha. The t5’s can be pretty close. If you want to slowly cheat them in a little you should be fine. If you want to be extra cautious, just go a couple inches at a time, and then wait a few days.

Also, if you’re not already doing so, rotate those pots 90 degrees every day or so. That way the entire plant gets some of the fluorescent lighting


yep rotating them every other day, trimming some inner leaves that are in the dark and those that are browning. Do you think I should trim more?


As long as you have good airflow, I wouldn’t trim anymore than what’s begging to be removed.


@hippy4life dbrn32 has solid advice. Welcome to the forum! Your grow looks great. Rotating plants is good to do, more even and better growth. I rotate mine also. Keep up the great work!


@hippy4life welcome, looking good. I agree on rotating plants. I have a MH/HPS and 2x 300watt led one with uv and sometimes a 150 wattCLF bulb and about 1x a wk i rotate all my plants. My girls like it.