BloomBeast A1280

Would this light be insufficient, adequate or overkill in a 4x4x6.75 tent? I will purchase a light mover also.
Here is a link to the specifications (about half way down the page). Thanks in advance.


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He’s busy as usual but @dbrn32 will be around to blow your mind with light facts! Good luck with he grow - dig the name btw!!

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Probably. They don’t really give a whole lot of details about it. I know it won’t consume 1280 watts, maybe 500-600 at best I would think. I would look real close at what else is around that price range or possibly buying a few smaller fixtures. Then compare everything.

DB I got 1 Quantom hung tonight- I had no idea it was such a white light. Dang blurples are outta here! Patiently STILL waiti g in photo boosts still…grrrr


Thanks dbrn32. I took your advice and looked some more. Finally decided on two of these for my 4x4 tent.

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