Bloom stage yellow leaves

1st grow outdoor in ground MG nutes 7 days using harvested rainwater hit with epsom salts 7/31/2020
first sign of white hairs 8/16/2020
Started monster bloom 8/21/2020 weekly 1/3t. per Gallon
Started Mole asses 8/26/2020 weekly 1 T. per gallon
9/2/2020 first rain in 4 weeks 3/4"
Purple hairs 9/3/2020
Removed heavily yellowed leaves
9/6/2020 4/10" of rain
Today 9/7/2020 read more on yellow leaves and will let them remain
3 questions
Am I

2 weeks into flower when I first see white hairs?
What week would you guys say I’m in?
And should I be using more mole asses and monster bloom? And how often?

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Nitrogen deficient, you’ll want to feed some nitrogen, but not too much as you’re into flowering now.

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  • PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable
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I’d go with a nice compost tea. Plenty of good recipes out there, just make sure you have worm castings, some kind of seaweed or kelp, and a few tblspoons of molasses.

  • What strain, Seed bank, or bag seed: Plush Berry Pacific Blue Trans in Ground 6/14
  • Method: Soil in ground
  • Vessels: Pots, Grow beds, Buckets, Troths NA
  • PH of Water, Solution, runoff (if Applicable): Stays at 7 tested at watering times in ground
  • PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable: 1T. Miracle grow per gallon of water weekly stopped 8/14
    Started Monster bloom 8/21 1/3teaspoon per Gallon weekly and Molasses 1T. per gallon 8/26 weekly
  • Indoor or Outdoor: Outdoor in ground
  • Light system: Sun direct 7 am to 730 pm
  • Temps; Day, Night: Most of the summer 87-92 daytime 65-75 night now Day=mid 70’s night= mid 50’s low 60’s
  • Humidity; Day, Night: 50-60% Night 70-100%
  • Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size: Wind- Godly
  • AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, NA
  • Co2; Yes, No NA

I would lower you ph if you can, nitrogen is being locked out.

I’m in bloom so I havn’t been feeding nitro

Still need some nitrogen into flowering.

Ok maybe a hit of epsom salts and a half dose of MG to go w/my molasses and kelp? I don’t have any worm castings yet maybe next year. I was going to sell red wigglers.

Some clearer pics

This is mostly magnesium.
Miracle gro is not suggested for cannabis, but if it’s what you have it’ll do.

From what I understand the magnesium will help her to absorb whatever nitro I can get to her? How about pureed banana peels in my tea?

I’m not familiar if those nutrients will be available or not. I tag @Budbrother for the living soil questions.

@Budbrother I’ve been reefered to you on the topic of nutes for my bloom.
I have molasses and kelp on hand should I just puree some banana peels for a quick dose of potasium? Also I trying to gauge what week I’m in any chance you’d like to gander by my previous post? Thanks

That wouldn’t be a quick dose cause it’s not available until broken down by microbes first. If your looking to add K for immediate uptake then I suggest fermenting them, or using something like yeast to pre digest first. I ferment them and add 1:1000-1:500 to a foliar spray.

The kelp will add small amounts of K. Using coconut water 1-2 tbsp/gal would be more beneficial uptake with amino’s and gibberellins and more K than kelp. Langbeinite is 0-0-22 water soluble organic K. Used as a top dress and as part of teas. Potash (potassium sulfate 0-0-50) can be sued as a flowering booster as well as used in teas; but usually never more than 2x a grow.

If I had to guess with those pix… I’d say your close to week one if that even.


I forgot to add, bananas are like crack to worms. If you have worms in your pots, then can burry half of a extremely ripe banana. They’ll have that broken down quickly, depending on type and amount.


The hairs showed up on 8/16 they began to change purple on 9/3 buds are thick runnin up 7-8 inches on some stems. I’m at least 4 weeks but was wondering about the process on when hairs show up. So far I see 2 schools of thought. People flip to 12/12 and typically 2 weeks later see hairs some say outdoor 1 week? If it’s 2 weeks them I’m definately into my 5th week. Fan leaves are turning yellow consistantly now. My other plant is two weeks behind hairs still white buds beginning to thicken no yellow leaves. Both get the same care. This is vital as our earliest frost here are oct 12 but usually oct 28.

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When you start seeing hairs that just sex showing. You’re outside and nothing to flip to 12/12, so that leaves it up to the sun. Outside transition can take a month. You don’t start counting weeks until it’s got the button tops. I call em dandelion tops.

The only picture showing any shots of the bud development is the first one. That, from what I can tell, is beginning Wk1 flowering. Really not a good shot of any development other than the top. Either way, I don’t play the guessing game. I don’t count weeks either. I wait for the second swell then scope them. That’ll tell me all I need to know.

As far as yellowing leaves, there’s all kinds of cause for them. Visually they can give clues to plants needs, as in deficiencies. They don’t indicate much more than, I’m happy or sad, feed or water me, or you fed or watered me too much.


OK thanks Budbrother for the clarity. The little white “dandelion” heads have been there a couple weeks. Have two of the same strains about 3 weeks apart lets me compare and learn. The trichomes on the younger plant are crystal clear like shatter glass while the ilde plant seems to be a little bit foggy? I’d like to let the older one go amber for the sedative effects and take the younger plants buds ealier for the stimulated effect and compare the two. I have my needs lol

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Really can’t figure out this forum. I just have a quick question so sorry to post here. Do I clip off yellow leaves at bottom of plant. My plant is middle flowering and I gave it nitrogen n magnesium but leaves on lower part of plant won’t stop turning yellow. Evenly yellow n just getting lighter everyday. No. Other spots or deformities. So it is best to clip em off or leave them on? I assume they are getting sucked of nutrients but they are also no longer doing photosynthesis So gotta be taking energy away from rest of the plant. So what’s the consensus? Always clip yellow leaves or leave them on?