Bloom or veg nutes

I have read that you should stick to using the veg nutes for the first 2 weeks because of all the stretching and after the 2 weeks start using bloom. Is this something anyone does? I’m using the ph perfect coco line by AN if it makes a difference

Most growers use the veg nutes until they switch to 12/12 lights or until autos start to bloom. Nutrient manufacturers all publish schedules for feeding. You should use the schedule for your nutes.


I use veg nutes till after my stretch and have been told by a few different people to do that. Autos you should switch to bloom as soon as they begin flowering.

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Yes, you’re correct, keep using the veg nutes for two weeks into flower, then stop and just use bloom nutes.

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What nukes do I use in soil? There’s so many kinds.

It depends on what soil you’re using, but I use Foxfarm nutes.

I think that’s what I’m going to use.started with the soil.

Oh, if you’re using Foxfarm soil, then you won’t need to add nutes until about four weeks into your grow.

That’s what the lady said in the landscaping nursery. Thank you for all ur help.

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