Bloom nutrients in veg

Would it hurt to use the same nutrient mix for bloom and beg stages? Just wondering if I really need to mix two separate batches all the time.

Could depend on what nutes you are using. Jack’s is fed the same start to finish. If you are using the Fox Farm trio you can skip Tiger Bloom for most of veg, but despite Big Bloom seemingly being for flowering given its name, that is not the case. Big Bloom is also important for veg too as it contains the micronutrients (iron, copper, boron, etc) a plant needs throughout it’s life.

I know using FFOF, and FF nutes, mine got a tad bit of nute burn. Was about 2 weeks from flower. I mixed 1/2 veg, with 1/2 strength flower. It was accidental as it was meant for one that was just beginning preflower. If you use FFOF, don’t even worry about nutes for the first 5-6 weeks.

Hard to give advice with no knowledge of what soil and nutrients you are using. :+1:

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I make my own soil. I amend with Happy Frog and bat guano.

When adding the HF I mix the two half and half. This is what my indoor plants get their whole lives. I top dress once a month with the same mix. I don’t do any boost past the monthly tea which I brew using the HF and/or fish emulsion and some molasses. Mostly what I do is water my plants.

I do alright.


I’m using Canna coco coir and Canna coco nutes.

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Thanks for the information. I don’t use either but Coco is used by many growers. I am a Fox Farm grower.

I’d stick with their recommendations. I was growing in coco coir last year, This year I’ve added manure compost and/or worm castings. My grows have stabilized and I’m not having to fuss with a lot of stuff.