Bloom mode high Hunidity

Grow Room = 8x8x8 2inch thick Styrofoam
RH= 50%-65%
Temp = 68-84 F AVERAGE TEMP = 82 F

Veg 1000 W MH 18-6
Bloom 1000 W HPS 12-12

Soil = Pro Mix HP PH 7.0 / 7 Gallon Grow Bags

GH Flora Grow
GH Flora Micro
GH Flora Bloom
Silica Blast

PH = 6.0

Soil Mix after adding nutrients is PH 6.`1

dat 14 of bloom and my RH is 80% 43% outside I have to open the door and let the fan blow it out I have an AC running and tempis 77.9 can’t afford a dehumidifier right now what to do Please Help

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That early in bloom you can raise temps a bit which will help with humidity - remember it’s relative humidity meaning it’s relative to the temperature. I wouldn’t worry about dropping temps until the last few weeks. Maybe that’ll buy you some time to invest in dehum by then

Also play with fans to remove some of that moisture in the air.


Thank You I ordered a dehumidifier from Amazon

there are small fans with clamps that could be placed in different sections to help air movement.

Exhaust fan ?