Bloom light adds too much heat

Running first grow in 2x4x5 tent. Gorilla glue auto fem. Indoor tent with 4 inch Vivosun fan, small stationary fan, and two fan oscillator tower. Air movement is great. Two, Vivosun 300 watt, LEDs. About 24 inches above canopy. With just veg lights on, tent runs around 80 degrees. Getting close to bloom and my tests using both veg and bloom lights show closer to 85 or 86 degrees. Everything I have read says cooler Temps for bloom, but bloom light has opposite impact. My plants look fairly healthy. What will mid to upper 80’s do to my plants? All the little tricks to reduce temp don’t seem to do much, if anything. Room I am growing in is at about 75 degrees outside of the tent. At this point, other than try next grow in winter, I guess it is what it is.

this range is fine.

If 85 to 86 during bloom is fine, what would be the no go zone? 90?

I have similar climate. I went to 6" exhust and use a 4" for intake. It helps.

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My lights, LED Vivosun 300 watt x 2 lights. Lights were about 18 inch above plants. Raised to max (only 5 ft tent) just next to carbon filter. This cut the temp by about 3 degrees. Now max temp closer to 82 degrees.

Now how far away are the lights???