Bloom booster with jacks?

Is there a bloom booster that I can use in conjunction with jacks321? I’m in soil and My plants are a little less than 3 weeks into flower and look good but if they could be better…I’ll grab a pic later when the lights come on. Thanks!

The normal Jack’s 321 formula is all you need for great buds. If your environment is dialed in and your keeping up with the plants then its genetics and no bloom boost is going to change that.


That’s a beautiful lab puppy in your profile pic btw! I have 2 and they are the greatest

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Have to agree,biggest lesson I’ve learned,all about GENETICS…

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Thanks! Ive had labs my whole adult life absolutely love them

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I’ll keep up on the jacks then thanks. I just wanted to be sure I’m getting the best out of the plants. This is my 2nd grow. The 1st I had 4 plants and got 1oz/plant which wasn’t great but still a win. This grow I have 2 and I’m hoping to do a bit better.

It’s to be used first 2 weeks of flower. It helps a lot.
If using it you would use 5.6g a gallon along with
1.2g a gallon of the Epsom salts and that’s it for the 2 weeks starting flower. Then switch back to the part a part b and epsom after 2 weeks.

Chart can be found at Jack’s nutrients 321 chart.
Of corse many will huff and puff stating this isn’t the 321 but it is because jacks has added a bloom and a finish to the 321 schedule. Go figure, they made it better.
But since you missed it it is no big deal. It’s just a more advanced schedule with the bloom and finish.

I have a copy but may be tough to read due to coffee stain.