Blood test prior to surgery

I may be having some pre surgery blood work before I have my back operated on. Do they test for any THC or cannabinoids?

They did not say anything to me about thc in my system on my pre op. But I’m sure every doctor is different. Are you a Vet, or on workers comp? Workers comp. checks my wife every three months.

No, just plain disabled, been battling 8 separate disc issues. I just like to make sure that before my surgery there are no surprises.

My doctor knows I’m useing it for pain, so he’s ok with it. I would ask your doctor.

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Old school … I doubt they test for cannabis on pre-surgical bloodwork. My doctor tests me at least twice a year … usually I know ahead of time so I can quit for a few weeks. She has no problem with me using, but if I do test positive again, she will discontinue my pain medication.

Best of luck with your surgery.


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Thanks for your reply! I know there are many prejudices towards cannabis but I rather smoke than be doing opioids. I’ve almost completely abandoned percocets and vicodens. I could count on one hand how many I’ve had to take in the past year. I did have my visit with the surgeon and when I told his assistant I smoke for pain relief her reply was, that wasn’t a problem and said it’s almost legal anyway. But it’s always good to be safe. Thanks again!

What you also need to remember, your body, your doctor, doctor client privilege…

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Good point!

Typically, yes they do. The reason is for drug interactions. Having been through 5 surgeries myself, I understand your concern.

But they are not the police. That’s why they ask you on the questionnaire you should have filled out (probably three times by now) about ANY drugs you take be it prescription or otherwise.

Your surgeon doesn’t care what you do. He just needs to know what you do so that he or the anesthesiologist or anybody else for that matter doesn’t give you something that’s going to interact with what you’re taking or cause complications in the surgery itself.

THC they wont give a damn about unless it’s going to effect your health in some way, in which case the doctor WILL have a talk with you.

So don’t worry about it.