Blood sugar and cannabis

I apologize if this topic cant be discussed in this forum and if so you can delete this post but i didn’t know where to ask this type of question. Im hypo and have it under control with my diet but i have a really hard time falling asleep so i smoke a bit of marijuana at night to help me sleep cause i figure its better then taking some prescription sleep aid. I was jus wondering if smoking cannabis would have an affect on someones blood sugar levels who is a hypo cause i dont want something to come and bite me in the rear down the road. I have read that hgh genotropin, can improve sleep, any experience?
Thanks for any advice.


I knew a kid that started smoking after he was diagnosed with diabetes cause it was all he could do

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I am a diabetic and I don’t have any issues with controlling my sugar after smoking (edibles is a whole other story if they are not diabetic friendly) if anything, it helps on the stress level to keep it down because stress in it’s self can raise your sugar… But if you are just using it for a sleep aid at night… that should be ok… I go to bed stable and wake up stable :slight_smile:


I have been injecting insulin for almost 20 years now. I take a slow reacting (Lantus) once a day, and a fast reacting (Humalog) multiple times a day. My sugars have dropped multiple times over the years after getting high. Mainly because they were on the low side to start with. If I don’t wait at least 30 minutes to smoke after taking my Humalog, my blood sugars will drop (and I mean drop hard and fast) every time. As long as I wait over 30 minutes, I’m fine.

My suggestion to you would be eat a small snack right at bedtime to elevate your sugars slightly before falling asleep to avoid any problems.

I’m going to try growing Blueberry because of the effects its supposed to have on Diabetes and see how it works on me. I’m hoping I will be able to cut back on the amount of insulin I take. Time will tell.


I was an outdoor farmer for 30 years. I’ve had diabetes for 10 years. I smoked my own the whole 30. I’ve never had any problems with my diabetes I could associate with smoking.
I also have rheumatoid arthritis, smoking is very effective with helping me deal with the pain and joint swelling but as the years have rolled by I’m no longer able to go up the mountain to farm.
So I’m moving my “meds” indoors!
So I say smoke it if ya got it!


I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in November of last year. Smoking weed doesn’t affect my blood sugar at all, it’s the munchies and cotton mouth that do hahaha!

Glad to know there’s other members that are diabetics!!



@Rugar89 can you please keep me updated on your finding’s, as I have 3 kids with type 1 & would love to decrease the amount of injections a day.

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I actually have a Dexcom unit attached to me, and it takes a reading every 5 minutes. While smoking a blunt, a bong, taking a dab, etc. My blood never fluctuates.

I take my Lantus/Apidra in the morning, and NovoLog for meals.


Cannabis could actually help to manage diabetes, I’ve started using it after I got diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. CBD oil really help to control my sugar levels, you can read more about the effect here, I haven’t tried smoking so I don’t know if the effect stays the same.

Found an interesting article about cannabis and diabetes

Hope this helps those with it

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I’ve had Type 1 diabetes for 15 years. Not one time has Cannabis Interfered with my Management/control with it. IF anything it helps

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I’m Type II Diabetic and I have had no issues so far. My liver is fubar as I have Non-Alcohlic Fatty Liver Syndrome so anything I eat automatically goes to fat. Thus I am also on Fenofibrate for Triglyceride.

Sugar is the root of all evil when it comes to our Dis-Eases
Bad critters in us love sugar…not the sugar from fruits etc but all the man made processed crap they put in nearly everything.
Many type 2 diabetics have cured themselves through food

@Skydiver I have to watch eating fruit due to how my Liver functions. My diet is supposed to be the following. Boil ALL meat with no seasoning. Also avoid most fruits and veggies. Drink water only.

I told my Doctors and Nutritionists what is the point of living if I had to stick with their plan. Oh hell no. Diabetes under control that I don’t even need to check my blood sugar.

When I had major neck surgery 2 years ago on Oct 1st, I had to stay over night for observation. They tested my blood sugar. Gave me a Diabetic meals which I was starving. They gave me Insulin and even then they couldn’t control my numbers. All because my Liver is Fubar. :joy::joy::joy:

Well my opinion on that is bullsheet on that advice. If I followed the recommended diet when I had Pancolitis I wouldn’t been able to eat most of the foods I do now that keep me healthy. Nature is the way to cure most things.

Your liver is in a bad way because of other things not natural that you subjected yourself too like drinking too much alcohol or something else that put it in a state of disfunction…
Just my thought

Got 35 minutes?

This may help you

Yes, marijuana at night is really great for good sleep.

My liver isn’t messed up due to alcohol and what not. I just happen to have Non-Alcohol Fatty Liver Syndrome. Basically the liver functions like if I was an alcoholic but without the benefit of being drunk.

My injuries in the Army did a lot of unforeseen damage although out my entire body. Just the cards I was dealt.

I was wven on the Liver Transplant list for 2 years. The VA has me see a GI Specialist and he recommended doing things like flax seed and other stuff. My liver bounced back as far as it will heal itself. Good news is I am off the Transplant list and that is good.

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Yes, marijuana at night is really great for good sleep. I smoke it everyday before sleep. It helps me relaxing my mind

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