Blk widow scrog 1st grow


5 days I’m looking way farther than I am truly in the girls time line. Monday will be full week and feed again sometime around then


It can take up to two weeks before you see signs of flower, so don’t worry.

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Honestly I think u are in very early flower and u have a female!!

See here?

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Found this

They better be females I paid for feminized seeds but I guess stranger has happened


I looked at all 4 2 have nothing the others has signs
So two confirmed females in flower I’ll watch other two to show signs


Yep she’s a lady and first pistils are there.


For early sexing…look at the main stalk, where the stems join. On each side at the base of the stem is where first sexing shows. Look for small lumps…females will be pointy…males will be round, clustered up like grapes they take about 1.5 weeks to mature and spew yellow male pollen that will seed every female in the room. To verify sex…shine a bright flashlight at the base of the stems where they join the main stalk. IF female, two thin white hairs will show.
Females have one little pod on each side of the stem to stalk junction.

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Congrats. Two nice ladies. Two more to go

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Goog morning ilgm readers

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Good morning


Pic update

Summer and mandy have got the first hairs
@raustin @PurpNGold74 @dbrn32 @DoobieNoobie @tanlover442 @livefast


N of course I’m outta likes now… blah! O well go girls go!

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I’m celebrating


Woohoo! And they look good and healthy to.


Friendly reminder…can’t tell shit from buprle colored pics. White light pics are best.

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Wanted to tell you that I got it done…
Candy has 6 new heads summer 4 mandy 6 and autumn I think I got 8 but 2 are pretty small but I think they will make it under the 1st 2weeks of flower that’s 3weeks since last fimmed her. Never done it but I think pulled it off if it works that’s yet to be seen!:thinking:

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Daring innovator you are. I def wouldnt have had the :peanuts:


Hey u dont win big if you dont play big. That and I had go coaches :+1::+1::metal::metal::metal:


@Cheftodd420 They look amazing, my little ones aren’t even a month yet, being patient knowing the roots are growing right now more than the plant lol

I was looking at my grow room(remain NJing Mylar paper comes today) and I’m sure I will have to double the size once they get set to bloom in Mid Jan


Ya when mine were that size it was like 2weeks ty didnt grow a bit but the roots 3x in that time they look great

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