Blk widow scrog 1st grow


Lol love some Pac. :rose: but yea. Rolling stone type. True story. I have 30 fitted caps at various women’s houses around the city of ********* from throughout the years

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I’m a hat guy and dont get me wrong I love women, passionate beings, but she ain’t getting my fitted caps. Lol :laughing:

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Right on!!!

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Got some late day streching.


stretching. My girls are still wet, not soaked but damp at to about 3/4" I was going to water tomorrow but I think I’m going to wait till Saturday what do you think?


Always wait longer then you think… watering , nutrients , harvesting… :wink:
This is the kind of hobby that you just dont want to wait for… but you have too… no matter what… it’s funny… I seen were somebody said that tomorrow was watering day , ha ha ha… there’s no such thing as a watering day… plants will tell you when they want water… it kills me…
That’s another problem with soil or coco… each plant needs to be taken care of individually… if you have 60 plants , that turns into a lot of work real fast… that’s why I moved to hydro… less plants , easier to work with and cheaper to grow… and a lot less work for sure when it comes to growing… but now that I got hydro pretty dialed in… I’m working non stop to keep up and I still have a job that I work 50 to 60 hours a week and a wife and kids to deal with… :grin:
commitment is key… :wink:



Exactly what @peachfuzz said, if the plant says she’s not thirsty, then don’t water.


I think that @peachfuzz is right I do try to keep a routine of watering every two days but over time its changed but it’s been a very loose time line. I was going to leave them until they are bone dry at least a inch down. That’s the sledgehammer instructions I got online. Then i can feed again I’m very happy to have done it right and not kill anything. Even the pruning the girls a still stretching I’ve got places were they have grown 5 to 6inches over the net. They seen to be doing frigen amazing.

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They look good , so your doing something right… :wink:

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It’s been alot of help from @raustin & @PurpNGold74 if it where not for their help I’d still be killing seedlings.
I really did my homework on indoor soil before starting and they really help me apply the knowlage in the real time situations. I’ve had to upgrade alot of things lights, @dbrn32 got me on led lights instead of my 400w mh which i was having issues with in alot of spots. I got a humidifier for low humidity issues. I’ve been following the fox farm schedule and use all there products cause one they are popular for a reason and we used them way back in time with a outdoor grow. I was killing seeds in all directions but I got everything dialed in got three to crack and grow but I had a seedling that hung on and lived so I got four girls in a 31x31 tent. Should only be big enough for 2 maybe 3 tops but I’m pushing this tent to its ultimate max. If I get bud to smoke in the end it’s a win but I want to win huge, so I’m grateful to have a community like this to help me on my goals. :heart: u all and pics to come later, smoke every day!


Yooo thanks for the words. But as ive stated before. Im just here to keep u from jumping off the cliff. Ur doing all the work. N a damn fine job of it at that


Easy on the likes dont blow your whole wad on one place…:wink:

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Dude that load was spent hours ago. Im on water n pineapple juice

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I’m hoping to start seeing signs of the girls flowering they are really stretching but I have no idea what to look for in my girls as far as proof of flowering.


Good morning on this Saturday at 11am GMT at 7°f rh of58% outside here’s some mid day picks still looking for more signs of flower just dont know what to look for. Help my nieve brain.

@peachfuzz @raustin @PurpNGold74 @dbrn32 @DoobieNoobie @tanlover442 @livefast


Here ya go I’ll drop a picture of what you’re looking for. It won’t be on top. It’ll be down a little at first.


At first the tiny white hair will be barely visible then will get more prominent like above.

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Get a close up not nodes on the main stalk. Look for thin white hairs

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They got you covered buddy.

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I’m not seeing that idk. But it’s only been 5days so that’s not gonna happen that fast I read alil last night in this strain and it’s a long flower up to 8weeks so I’m jumping the gun. I do know that these girls STINK AND I MEAN STINK but a good way I can only hope it stays through out flower.

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