Blk widow scrog 1st grow


How they look?
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They are really stretching like 3in in some areas I’ve raised the lights 2xs since flush


Lookin good… gotta get that fan issue fixed , asap… :wink:
Not so much the heat , but the humidity will be your trouble… :wink:



Yup still early. They like humidity for a couple more weeks. But ur greenery is gonna keep exploding for a bit. Just keep tucking and do what u can (as simple as opening the tent door 5-10 mins a half dozen or so times a day. N everything looks good n green. Hows it looking under that net??

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Still fairly wet from flush and if I keep tent open during light its 75° in there RH in low 30%s so it’s ok. I’d love to be able to buy a new venting system with 440cmf but why, I’m never growing 4 plants in here ever again, and If i had somewhere or someone to take one or two everything would run normal. Its cause its choked buy so much foliage it’s not running well.

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Humidity is good its temp that’s problem and to fix fan I need the money to buy better system not going to buy new fan then run a 6in fan with 4in filter it will just cause more issues

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Just gonna leave tent open during light hrs they are fine when lights off


80ish is about ideal for led grows, you would want it a little lower if you were growing with hid. From look of last pic, you could probably thin out some leaves from under your screen a little. That should help with airflow some.


That’s what I’m gonna try over the next day it’s very thick with huge fan leaves I mean some are 10 in across.


I’ve not done any real pruning on any of these girls I’ve got leaves all under and wilted so those are coming right off and I’m pulling new growth up to net havent ited any yet the seem to find there way up

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That’s fine, that’s pretty much what happens with the screen. Give it a few days to recover before taking any more.

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So here’s pics of a after prune shot got some space now. For all but sites now have light access. And some air movement is helping out heat issue running now 77° AND 44% but its snowing here and the dirt is still mostly wet but its drying out. No issues from flush they bounced back in less than 24 hrs.
Yall check them out.
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Arrrgh. Outta likes. Looks good tho. Airy thats for sure.


Awesome news! That canopy was pretty thick, I kinda figured opening it up a little would help. She’ll probably fill back in before too long, if/when it does, just try to keep up with it a couple leaves at a time for now.


What u only get a certain amount of likes wtf

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Between the 4 each had 2 giant fan leaves that were just taking to much room and light but they were old and droopy so I clipped them and ended up with a handful of droopy dirty leaves everything else has a head on them. Summer has 6 tops autumn 4 mandy 6 and top of them all is candy and I got 8 heads on her the bigger girls got topped Sunday and other two will be this weekend


Ladies look really good.

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Haha yea. Only a very limitd amount in my opinion. In the site’s defense, im pretty sure they didnt expect people like me to open a can of whoop ass on their servers daily


3 comments and a certain amount of likes, hum! Just how many they give you? Is a really a high number? How bad r you?:thinking:

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Probably 50 for the first level. Im at trust level 3 so maybe 150~? Every 24 hours or so. But it maybe nowhere near that many. I actually follow so many journals, it kicks the older ones off my ‘watching’. :joy::joy:


All I can hear now is 2 Pac’s “I get around” you dog!