Blk widow grow log


Well I guess buy my thought if flush with the said flush ingredients I can start flower nutes I guess. I’m going to research more.


Do your flush, flip to flower, then start adding Bloom nutes to your grow nutes. Your PPM should be higher now, around 1200.


Yup. Wont hurt to mix em a bit. And u dont wanna cut out the grow. Not even tamp down yet. U do that as u move thru flower but they still need the N. Just less


Ya they took 1200 monday just fine, so flush in 4 days( I just watered this am) go to week 8 of soil schedule I belive start of flower nutes. And put screen back on to keep even. Anything else I need to do please to hesitate to help out cause this is uncharted territory for me.


Not sure what tamp down is, and N is nitrogen right.


Yes N is nitrogen. And taper down. Like inch it down. Most schedules lighten up on the grow big (for example) as the flowering ages.

I used fish emulsion. Have a 5-1-1 n a 0-10-10.

Transition was 2 tablespoons of 5-1-1 and .5 tablespoon of 0-10-10
Now a week in its 1.5 of 5-1-1 and a 1 tablespoon of 0-10-10


Nope, you’ve got it. Don’t be nervous, you got this.


She’s right. Ur doing great. Happy plants man


I see that week 5 on fox soil schedule is light on 12/12 so flower I should just flush which is next then hit it at week 5 cause ppm is 1750 and I just looked in my journal and last feed was ppm 1583 right in the middle of allowed #s. If that’s not good let me know but thank you so much you guys​:woman_farmer::man_farmer::grin::wink:


Yep, that’s good. You’re right on schedule with everything. So after you flush your PPM wil come down a lot, but then you’re going to add the new nutes so it will come back up to around 1800.


How old, I planted 7 B widows two weeks ago. I’m loving their characteristics already, very aggressive


7 weeks just flipped them


That’s a sore spot. :confounded:

Over 3 months. I was planning on flipping them nov.15th, but I found thrips, and fungus gnats and some lockout from the soil I amended. I have to get rid of the thrips before flower, and they’ve been persistent.

So, other than that they’re great :joy::joy::rofl::joy:


Hey the biggest task is to keep learning after we have already learned a lot. I had a snag today with finishing my grow space… just need more mylar rolls and I was going to up from a 300w LED to 600w a d have both going for another month of veg. Then switch to 12/12 on 1/15 and let it flower until the end of February. This is my first grow, going forward I’m only using coco and organic soils. The slightest increase in n notes too quick can cause such a headache lol


I have 2 mars hydro 600w and they love them, u got 7 going you have space for 7 to flower?
I fckd up thinking I could fit 4 in a 31"x31"x5’ and man its freakin tight in there, I did scrog net cause I really didnt have any other good options like taking two out, no ware to put them I couldnt give them away
They grow big but flower is a bit longer than most up to 8 or more weeks. I had to flip 2 to 3 weeks earlier than I wanted but its workin out so far and as long as you just follow you gut and ask questions, it has helped me greatly and would be lost without this site.


Check out black widow scrog 1st grow I switch it over to that for flowering


Dude they look great. I was doing some reading last night and discovered the BW strain can grow short and quick, or tall and slow. And produce two diff looking types of bud. I started my ladies on nutes this morning, already noticing a faint smell which was like berries and lemons on wood lol… I was starting to get yellowing leaves from lack of nutes, but they have quickly taken to the new help lol
Planted 11/15


I know the light distorts it a bit, I mixed in some new organic soil so this spots are spilled kicked up from watering


Still looking :muscle:t5: