Blk widow grow log


And yes they are perking right up


Hung some wet paper towels off to the side of each girl and it’s up to 37% from 27% in 20 min way cheeper than humitifer and no heat added for another motor running. And it like 35° outside so RH is around 55% pretty low for this this week it’s done nothing but fuckn rain 24/7


We got loads of rain. But the good ole gulf of mexico keeps it damp around here even when its pretty cool. Ive seen 90% humidity this month :joy::joy::joy:.

Good call on the ‘cheap humidity’ adjusters tho.

43 degrees 60 percent humidity outside rn


Cheap humidifier wet hung paper towels.



I’d take that over wind blowing 25 to 30mph
34° and 58% feels like 18°


Yea. Thats usually how our weather goes. Really feels closer to 50 but when the breeze kicks in that feel goes to freezing quick.


Hey how long should I leave the yellow leafs on there, can I clip em


Let them go a few more days. When u give em a light tug and they pop off is usually my ‘go to’. But its been a picture day and i took it.

When they droop around lights out or after drinking… does it touch the ground? If yes then you could prolly chop that one. Its gonna go quickly


Ok only the big one in back is touching the dirt the others perked up. I’m getting pissed cause I get the rh up but the vent sucks it right out the tent. So I turned it off humity is now 58% but temp up in higher 70s I’ll keep a eye on it as long as I’m not running in 80s it will be fine and I now have light right at 20" it shouldn’t be a issue.


not gonna be an end all plan. Need solid air exchange


I got fresh being pulled in buy a 4" fan with bottom flaps 2of3 open


It will change when weather is much less windy, seriously we have a high wind warning for downed lines and trees. I live on top of hill surrounded by fields and it whips through. We reinforced the windows and garage doors cause the were just rattling and breaking from winds . No trees for 100 hards bigger than 5ft.


Smart deal bro. I was sure thinking be safe but u got it coverd by the sound of it


Oohhh ooohhh keep stroking my ego, :man_farmer::laughing::laughing:


It gonna be as good as it gets for the day the humity got no higher than 40% and I only re wet the paper towels once but it was around 30 to 35% for awhile but it really didnt help, it’s only a day or two so I anit worried plant roots are cool watered and growing so let the girl chill.


I think they have perked up the ones in the back look like the 1st leaves are dropped but the new is charging straight up. What you growers think?

Top 2 are this morning next two was 20min ago


I mcduck it up never mind to stoned and soar to care night yall


Everything is going much better take a look from yesterday to this morning…


That was last night around 8:30 PM
These are at 9:30 am this morning after around 4hrs of light.