Blind guy needs help Picking a turnkey growbox for a beginner?

So I take it the test strips aren’t a good choice for this application?
It seems there are apps for your iPhone that will take a picture of the pH strip, and color identify it, to give you your pH level… That might work.

I also found this accessory for your iPhone, that connects sensors to your iPhone, allowing you to check water. It seems like it might have a good chance of being accessible, but I wouldn’t know that for certain until I tested it…

It seems they have a few different sensors, so I’m not real sure of the differences, but if anyone is interested they are at

One is just a pH tester it looks like for practically $200. (Outch), but another that says it is a 3 in 1 is only $145… not sure what’s up with that.

So, I have some possibilities, just not sure if they are good or bad.
I have a little price shock though, I know that. lol

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Hi @StonedBlind,

MacG here,

I was briefly looking at the link, you would likely want the meter that can check pH as well as conductivity or TDS. TDS stands for total dissolved solids. And one of the ways they can measure for it in liquids is by measuring the electrical conductivity of the dissolved nutrient salts. These measurement are paramount in knowing if your nutrient feedings are too strong or not, as well as measuring the pH and/or the build up of nutrient salts in your growing medium.

Here is a link to a blog by Robert on testing your soil:

Hope this helps,


Hi @MacGyverStoner
Thanks for the input.
Granted I don’t really know anything about what I’m looking at, but I don’t see a meter from that link that does pH and TDS…?
I see 1 that does TDS for $250 it looks like, and one that does just pH I think for $200… or am I missing it?

I checked the guide on checking TDS from Robert you posted and it only talks about soil mediums… is it still as important for hydroponics systems?
I’m already assuming yes, but just making sure.

I’m watching the price go up and up on the shopping list. lol
I didn’t know growing would be this expencive. :frowning:

Yes, it is actually often the most important for hydroponic systems. Soil can buffer pH a little and might help keep it stable. But either way, in hydroponics or soil or soil-less mediums, pH and the concentration of nutrients can make all the difference in the health of your plants.

Your idea with the test strips and a smart device camera telling you the color might be your best and most affordable bet. Now for the EC or TDS, you’d still want to find an option for that. The test strips should be able to work for soil or hydro.


Thanks MacGyver…

Stonerblind, I never realized there was an app for Iphones to read PH strips. Yes. Use them.

I am looking forward to building this topic in order to allow people with vision issues to find software, and tools to help make their life better. :slight_smile:

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I am blind and have developed a good grow system, I recommend getting a good LED light… and learn how to feel the plant. You will need a person to help with things here and there. You will fail, but in time you can do it. I started with tomatoes… Because most of growing is a visual thing, you really need to learn the feel of each faze. That and repetition. It is not easy by no means. If you need any help, crop me a line and I would be glad to assist. If your blind and can navigate the world on your own, you might be able to pick it up.

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give up listening to the sighted about growing… they don’t have a clue. I can’t lift my blind fold to peek.
trust a good nute line about ph and ppm, I found that there are a few that hold the level and don’t drift.
I have a ph pen, I use it to prop things up with. kelp 4 less has a grow pack and a bloom pack that really makes it possible by holding ph, and has everything in it to keep it real simple. no added supplements needed. half to whole teaspoon in water, and that is it. I am blind, and I grow. you cannot listen to the sighted… you will came up with a way or not. Knock off the silly shit If your blind your blind and the world is made for the sighted, your not going to find magic growing gear.

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And you must be the only blind person in the world that can use a touch screen, the rest of us need tactile response ie. keyboard, and screen readers. I gotta get me some of that blind…

Dude your words are wrong for being black blind, post your paperwork, I smell a fraud.
pardon my abruptness, I got my blindness from the biz end of a ak47, and have had the worlds best rehab… and I sure as hell can’t use touch devices, when I go back to the VA i will have to tell my blind buddies that you got the scoop on training that will allow the blind use touch phones. I am sure they would pay a lot, after all I would give my left leg to be able to do that, so why not cash?

Ok @babbling_buzzard if you aren’t aware of how blind people use technology, then maybe you should ask, not trole. (Which I’m sure that is what you are)
Just have a read directly from apple.

If you have anymore questions, ask.
Otherwise, trolling will be reported.

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Why you always gotta cause drama dude, relax!



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If your blind and grow then help the man out and tell him how you do things,quit being so worried about if he’s a fraud or not and help the man out. I mean come on dude why would he waste time looking for equipment to help a blind person if he’s not blind. If your really blind then you should know the challenge he is about to face and help the man out a little bit

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Wow stone that app is really great, my hat is off to apple or who ever made it.
I wonder how much money he’s going to send to you.


I agree with Cash, we are all just trying to help each other out.

And don’t get me wrong, I appreciate you – as about the only one who kinda freaked out super big time like a lot of people did when something went wrong with their order – but admitted it and made sure everybody knows ILGM did make it right in your complaint posts, unlike most of the people that left complaints and probably just stayed quiet even when ILGM made it right for them eventually and that was mostly through private e-mail communications through the normal e-mail-order-address or to Claire or Robert’s e-mails directly. I really appreciate your efforts to make sure everyone that reads that post knows ILGM made it right for you.

It sounds like you’ve had it rough, and maybe some PTSD, I’m sorry for your trauma, my dad is a Vietnam vet.

But try to relax, not everybody is trying to pick a fight or have a conflict with you and we do appreciate you helping out in the forum. We just can’t have such outbursts, please try to understand.

thank you for your service,


You are going to have to go through a major learning process, and you need an assistant; Plant and simple.

Yuo either have to figure out how to meausre PH, EC, TDS. and, or, have to find a soil with nutrients that you can trust. This still would require an assistant!

Using a feertilzer based soil is not the best way to grow marijuana, but can be good enough for someone with limited ability to monitor a grow.

Gotcha. :smile:
So, lets say I buy the high dollar meters that connect to the iPhone, and they work just fine for me.

I now get my pH at a good 5.5 to 5.8 which is where you want it from what I’ve read for hydroponics, right?

Then, the TDS comes in when you start adding nutriants, correct?

How does testing those levels work exactly?
Are there target numbers you want to see from your meter?
If so, what are they?

The link MacG posted from Robert about TDS said ideal numbers are 750-1500 PPM, but this example was for soil so is this the same for hydro?

Just trying to understand the process on getting everything down. :smile:

I’ve answered some related questions in this thread that might clear up some of your questions @StonedBlind, check it out:

Hope this helps,


I think what you are asking about TDS. The measure is the strength of the dolution.

So; A PPM, or TDS pen…Same thing. is used to measure nutrient solution strength. \

Nutrient schedule is as follows.

No nutes, or perhaps Liquid Karma at 1 tsp per quart spray bottle for sprouts and seedlings.

When you get 4-5 true sets of alternating leaves, you set ppm at 400.

after 3-4 weeks as plant matures, you can increase ppm to 800.

Once you realize that buds are forming, you can go up to about 1200 ppm. However; I recommend stating between 800-1000 to keep from adding nutrient burn into the equation; Especially with auto flowers.

I highly recommend you start with auto flower genetics. You just set timer at 18 hours of lights on, and 6 hours of darkness. Keep the PH correct, and the plants fed.

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Hi guys. All is well, just been making my list, and looking at costs to do this the right way.
Thanks to @Latewood and @MacGyverStoner I now have a better idea on what all needs to be done during a grow.

So, Auto’s will be what I grow with, I have 2 possible options for testing pH and TDS, but I’m undecided on a grow box.

I think one of the biggest and most important parts to a grow, is the grow site…
So, I’ve created another topic to ask opinions and thoughts on 2 grow cabinets.
It can be found here.


Hi @latewood, would these Ec and ppm be similar in soil or a little higer or lower. I realise you may of already wrote them somewhere so if you could point me to that i would be very grateful.