Blind guy needs help Picking a turnkey growbox for a beginner?

Hi guys. I’ll start this off by letting everyone know that I am blind. I have 0 useable vision.

With that being said, I am doing all the research I can on growing.
I’m not sure how easy (if at all) it would be for me to do.
I think with some group forum help, it might be possible, but I guess we’ll just have to see how that goes. :smile:

Stealth is a must, and a indoor system also seems to make the most sense.

What I’m looking for is a system that can fit in a small place, like a cabinet, or a closet.
I need to be able to yield a good OZ a month on average.
I have no plans on selling, so I do not need a system that produces LBS or anything.

Building my own really isn’t in the picture, unless it could be pieced together off amazon or something. lol

From the research I have done, it seems lighting is one of the most important factors in a small boxes yield.
I was looking at systems like the cash crop4.0 off dealzer, but it has CFL lights, which doesn’t seem to be highly recommended, although I’m not sure if that’s just because most people want to produce a lot of crop…?

I think I’ll stop here, and see what everyones thoughts are.

With me Being blind, and not being able to have anyone help out in person, I hope you guys can help me figure out how to grow my own supply, with the best success! :slight_smile:

High there, StonedBlind

I am legally blind myself. I can help you choose products and tents or grow boxes.

There is nothing wrong with CFL lamps. When a grower invests in high powered CFL lamps; They do a great job.

1st thing I think you need to consider. Buy and plany to grow Auto flower genetics. They grow smaller, and if you start 4 seeds per month you can perpetually yield Auto Flower plants very month. You do not have yo change the light photo period; You just run your lamps 18 hours on, and 6 hours off.

One question for you. What are the dimensions of the closet you want to use. Perhaps a bigger tent might be better for you. However;’ The grow box 4.0 looks pretty cool

I will stop here; So you can take this bit of information in, and follow up with more questions.

Hi @latewood, thanks for helping!

I’ve been thinking the auto flowering might be the easiest, especially if I could find female autos. :smile:
Then I wouldn’t have to worry so much about sexing the plants, and that would make finding an accessible way to set a timer less of an issue.
Not having to figure out how to set it to change to a 12/12 cycle and all that.

The White Widow , northern lights, and Blue berry from ILGM’s bank have me ready to try growing. lol

The closet is 5 FT tall, just under 2 FT deep, so I’d give it only 20 inches, and 5 FT wide… although I’d rather not have it take up the entire closet floor.
I’d guess 4 FT, by 1.5 FT, by 2 or 3 FT should be plenty… but I really no nothing about tents. :frowning:

Have you already bought seeds? IN my opinion; Auto flower is the only type genetics, you could grow easily in a small space. By the way; All Auto Flower genetics are female. That is the whole point. Never have to switch from 18/6 photo period.

If you have seeds already,and you need help to get through your grow; We are glad to help. You switch to 12/12 6-10 weeks from seed, depending on preference.

Let me know about what seeds you already have. This is a big factor, when trying to grow in a small space.

Oh no sorry, I do not already have seeds.
I ment I’ve been window shopping the seed bank. :wink:
I was looking at the description of how tall the plants get, along with the yield stated., just trying to learn the different types.

That sort of stuff.
I noticed some say they get pretty tall, so I started going in circles trying to figure out the best method to grow for me.

If I should post a more basic thread asking for help getting going in a more proper place, just let me know.

After reading around, it seems that in the cash crop4.0 even the 3’ version, only 1 or 2 plants is really doable…?

I guess that would be ok if I could get 3 OZ in an average of say 10 weeks.
That would give me a solid OZ a month to enjoy… correct?
But, I’m guessing that would be at the top of the end for an experienced grower, which I am not.

Also, after reading the grow bible, it seems like growing is pretty simple, but also can be very hard.

How hard would a hydroponics system be if you are totally blind?

My fear is that I’ll spend $600 or $700, and then all of it will go down the drain. lol

I’d like to get a system bought that should work for what I need, then buy the seeds that will also work for the space and system you guys suggest, this way I should have the best success. :smile:

I know @latewood said they were legally blind, so I’m assuming you still have some usable vision?
What type of system do you like, and what do you find the hardest about that system having your sight issues?

I could go on for days about my concerns, but that’s just because this is a topic which I have no experience… so I’ll stop here before I go on for days.

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I’m new at this myself but if I couldn’t see I think I’d go with a soil or coconut coir grow so I could feel what’s going on. They say coco coir yields like hydroponics but you get to treat it like soil. Just suggesting.

Thanks for the post droobie.
What do you mean by feeling?
Do you mean feeling of the soil or coconut to see if it needs watering?

I’m off to see what I can google about this coconut coir stuff. :smile:

Yeah that’s what I mean. I’d think hydro would be harder to monitor if you couldn’t see it but I don’t know.


You definitely do not wan to use Coco coir. It is too finicky , and requires a lot of attention.

StonedCold; I would like to ask how you read, or hear our responses?

You could do hydro, or Soil, but soil-less might be best for a blind guy. It would allow you to use a hydroponic nutrient, and know when to water by weight.

Talk to you later. Hang in there. Peace, latewood :slight_smile:

I use software, mainly a program called JAWS or Job Access With Speech on Windows made by Freedom Scientific.
I also use Apples products, which all come with a really well developed screen reading program build in to all there products, I.E iPhone, Mac…

After reading the Grow Bible from this site, it makes it sound like hydroponics really isn’t that hard.
You should be able to use just any tap water, and it should do the trick… And adding nutriants just helps the plants that much more.
I’m just not sure which would yield the most, though…

I’m curious to hear your idea on the water weight ratio thing…?

I’m just eager to buy the equipment and seeds, and get this going. :wink:

My supply is just about gone, and it’s either grow my own, or go without now days sadly.

So, I’m trying to either figure out if I should just buy the 3’ tall Cash crop4.0 box, and if so, do I go with soil, or hydro…

I’m still leaning twards hydro just slightly, just because I might have the chance over time to get better with nutriants and stuff, and produce more than with soil…?

A good sized tent does make more sense, especially if I can gro 2 or 3 big plants, but I require a lot of hand holding sadly. lol

So, hit me with you guys thoughts, suggestions, and recommendations.

Let me clarify something for you.

Water, from whatever source will have to be PH adjusted. If you test your water and find it to be at a PH of 6.5 to 7.0, then you can grow in soil with out adjusting.

Hydro PH is 5.8 to 6.0. Most generally you have to use PH down.

You cannot grow plants to maturity without nutrients. You can use a fertilizer based soil after the plants are big enough to place in fertilized soil.

Hydro without a doubt yields more than soil grows.

With that said; I will await further questions… latewood

p.s. I am a moderator on this site.

Thanks Latewood, that does clear up some things a lot actually! :smile:
1 question is, does adding nutriants change the PH as well?

I’m off to research how PH is tested, and see if I can come up with a way to check it on my own.

PH is checked my a digital meter. I am not aware of a talking meter, but there may be one out there.

Some nutrient formulas contain a buffer that helps to keep the PH in the correct range. More later. :slight_smile:

So I take it the test strips aren’t a good choice for this application?
It seems there are apps for your iPhone that will take a picture of the pH strip, and color identify it, to give you your pH level… That might work.

I also found this accessory for your iPhone, that connects sensors to your iPhone, allowing you to check water. It seems like it might have a good chance of being accessible, but I wouldn’t know that for certain until I tested it…

It seems they have a few different sensors, so I’m not real sure of the differences, but if anyone is interested they are at

One is just a pH tester it looks like for practically $200. (Outch), but another that says it is a 3 in 1 is only $145… not sure what’s up with that.

So, I have some possibilities, just not sure if they are good or bad.
I have a little price shock though, I know that. lol

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Hi @StonedBlind,

MacG here,

I was briefly looking at the link, you would likely want the meter that can check pH as well as conductivity or TDS. TDS stands for total dissolved solids. And one of the ways they can measure for it in liquids is by measuring the electrical conductivity of the dissolved nutrient salts. These measurement are paramount in knowing if your nutrient feedings are too strong or not, as well as measuring the pH and/or the build up of nutrient salts in your growing medium.

Here is a link to a blog by Robert on testing your soil:

Hope this helps,


Hi @MacGyverStoner
Thanks for the input.
Granted I don’t really know anything about what I’m looking at, but I don’t see a meter from that link that does pH and TDS…?
I see 1 that does TDS for $250 it looks like, and one that does just pH I think for $200… or am I missing it?

I checked the guide on checking TDS from Robert you posted and it only talks about soil mediums… is it still as important for hydroponics systems?
I’m already assuming yes, but just making sure.

I’m watching the price go up and up on the shopping list. lol
I didn’t know growing would be this expencive. :frowning:

Yes, it is actually often the most important for hydroponic systems. Soil can buffer pH a little and might help keep it stable. But either way, in hydroponics or soil or soil-less mediums, pH and the concentration of nutrients can make all the difference in the health of your plants.

Your idea with the test strips and a smart device camera telling you the color might be your best and most affordable bet. Now for the EC or TDS, you’d still want to find an option for that. The test strips should be able to work for soil or hydro.


Thanks MacGyver…

Stonerblind, I never realized there was an app for Iphones to read PH strips. Yes. Use them.

I am looking forward to building this topic in order to allow people with vision issues to find software, and tools to help make their life better. :slight_smile:

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I am blind and have developed a good grow system, I recommend getting a good LED light… and learn how to feel the plant. You will need a person to help with things here and there. You will fail, but in time you can do it. I started with tomatoes… Because most of growing is a visual thing, you really need to learn the feel of each faze. That and repetition. It is not easy by no means. If you need any help, crop me a line and I would be glad to assist. If your blind and can navigate the world on your own, you might be able to pick it up.

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