Blight on leaves

Purple Haze plant……9 weeks from germination. Plant is 2 feet tall and sister plants are flourishing. What are these brown splotches….any ideas / remedies?

I wish I could help you but I don’t experience these problems. Welcome to the community. I will tag a couple Pros from Dover.


If they don’t know, they may know who to tag. Myfriend is my goto Growing Guru.

Can you post some full plant shots? Is it mainly that area right there? Looks like a splash of something.

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I was thinking that but its all over the place. So at a loss.

The red circle area at the top almost looks like a critter has invaded the plant. Hopefully I am wrong but its so hard to see what it is.

This really should come first:

COPY/PASTE the below list into your forum post.

Answer these simple questions the best you can.
If you do not know, or do not use something; Just say so; Or post
NA (non applicable)

-What strain, Seed bank, or bag seed (photo or auto)
-Age of plant
-Method: Soil w/salt, Organic soil, Hydroponics, Aquaponics, KNF
-Vessels: Type and capacity of container (fabric, plastic, etc)
-PH and TDS of Water, Solution, runoff (if Applicable)
-PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable
-Method used to measure PH and TDS
-Indoor or Outdoor if indoor, size of grow space
-Light system List brand and wattage/spectrum
-Actual wattage draw of lights
-Current Light Schedule
-Temps; Day, Night
-Humidity; Day, Night
-Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size
-AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,
-Co2; Yes, No

If growing Hydro some additional questions:

-DWC? RDWC? Autopots? Ebb and Flow? Other?
-Distance of liquid below net pot (DWC)
-Temperature of reservoir
-TDS of nutrient solution
-Amount of air to solution

Always try to upload a clear picture in white light of any issues you may have to allow the community to assist you.

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Happy Cannaversery @Borderryan22 !

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