Blessings, blessings and blessings


I try to maintain a spirit of gratitude whatever my situation may be. Not saying that I indeed like where I may be, I’m saying that there is always something to be thankful for. As I sit quietly this morning I was focusing on a situation that I have no control over. It always starts with a bad decision that I have made in the past. Ive learned that I can choose my choices, but not the consequences of these choices. I look back and see where I have made poor choices and can be grateful that I learned from these lessons so as not to repeat them. It all comes down to changing my perception. I am grateful today for all the good things in my life, including you friends. Just reflecting and no one to speak with so I thought I’d share with you guys. I pray and hope that you have a great day and I am always available at some point during the day to listen, encourage and support you if I can. Whether you use cannibis or not. Peace and blessings.

Oh, make sure to check PH and adjust if necessary.


Have a great day buddy
Living with the consequences of a bad decision can be tough but hopefully, like me you learn from them and work hard at making better ones in the future
Hang loose bro have a good one


Good morning @Happy_Pappy.
I know what you mean. I had made alot of bad decisions when I was younger and u am just now the past year I haven’t ran into my past thank god. I have already lived out my conquences for most of my dumb behavior. I completely feel blessed every day to know I made it I’m not dead or in prison and was able to get all my felonies droped off sense it’s been over 10 years sence I have been in any trouble. That allowed me to get a great job good benefits retirement.
So yes I wake up blessed every day. Hope you have a great day pappy


Good morning, @Happy_Pappy! Peace to you and everyone else here. Have a great day! :slightly_smiling_face:


Good morning @Happy_Pappy! I slept in, so I’m late to the party as usual. But, I’m grateful for y’all, too. From all the good gardening advice to the laughs, and everything in between, this place is pretty alright. I hope everyone is doing well today and having a good day. Happy gardening!


@Happy_Pappy you do have someone to speak with and he always listens. And as Joy Behar said, sometimes he even speaks to us mentally ill believers. I know I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him. Sounds like you’re in a better place now than the past. I know I am.


@Happy_Pappy now this is my sorta convo.happy day to you sir :slight_smile:


@Happy_Pappy you seem to have learnt from your past and that’s all that we can do and try with all off your heart to look forward and not to live in the past it’s gone mate now all we have is the future to look forward too and thank you for your nices words and prayers :v: