BlessedSinna's the UGLY stu

Ok, so it it start bout 10-12 years ago i started collecting seeds well, to presant day i decided to try my luck, out of those had a very bad germ rate, just one remained, i kept him

why ugly stu? Because i dont remember strain at all and because she look a lil off at the start lmao honestly didnt know what it was at this point but kept on just to make sure new room setup was working well, after a few weeks of veg, and fimming :slight_smile: now to present day just after first week of flower dunno if its just been mutated from the start or is this from the fimming any how lmk what you guys think!!!

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Thats one zonky strain… id keep a clone around in case she was potent. But wow… we were just talking mutations with @Nicky n this is one

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Yeah good to clone before the flip just Incase it’s a good one off

@PurpNGold74 @Nicky yea i know i wanted too, but i was already a week or so into flower,

got a lil upgrade for the next nutrient change, thank god no more ice packs


Whats that a chiller? And you can always take clones. I have a clipping that flowered 8+ weeks and is revegging. :man_shrugging:t5:

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@PurpNGold74 yea, got me a chiller and converting my dwc to rdwc


And i thought it was a low success rate at cloning during flowerering? Kinda like monster cropping right?

Worth a shot, I dono anything about cloning… yet.

Dang a chiller is expensive, rdwc vs dwc? What’s the diff.

Autopots are so epic for me I can’t see ever going to a water waste to drain system but I’m still interested in it all.

@Nicky Yea i suppose your right, might clip an end or two, any way yea, chiller was a lil investment, but beats changing out an ice pack every day… and dwc is deep water culture, rdwc is recirculating deep water culture, usually found in bigger system, basically just add a circulating pump to an dwc, i needed a resivor too, so that i didnt suck roots into pump, but just wanted the best for my baby, eventually im going to a 4 pot system,

Yes its less successful. But definitely works. Just take it and let her run on 24/0 or 20/4 for a couple weeks. Itll flip back to veg, then root

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@PurpNGold74, i have a hydro cloner, never used it, just a dwc for clones, but ive never cloned what would you suggest dip in clonex and let sit in ph water? Or like a mild nute solution?

Clonex and ph’d water. Or clonex and right into the cloner if possible. Should speed up the process pretty good