Blazin' grows Blue Dream'Matic and Tangie'Matic

So we are, new year, new grow! I had to seek out Tangie’Matic after falling in love with the Tangie strain and how it made me feel. I was also lucky that the day I ordered, Fastbuds also thew in 2 free Blue Dreamatic seeds. They both share a same parent, so I have high hopes for this grow!

**Grow Setup **
Indoor :house: 2x4x8 Gorilla Grow Tent
Hydroponics :droplet: Current Culture Under Current 8gal Solo Buckets
Genetics :microscope: Fastbuds - Blue Dreamatic & Tangie’Matic
Lights :bulb: LED - California Lightworks 550 Solar System LED with additional UVB bars

Cleaned out, lonely grow tent

Nestled in for 48 hours

*I have to note the hygrometer reading was from sitting on the heating pad. The final parameters were a temp of 74°F and a humidity of 80%


Woohoo I’ll be following here as well as IG. I still need to start a new thread for the upcoming grow myself.

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I love both of these strains. The Blue Dreamatic is delicious & gives a really happy high. The Tangiematic is very, very tangerine-y & funky, plus it’s a strong, solid high.

Will definitely follow your grow.


Nice, tho have issue paying 1700 for lights will follow

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I would have had ssues with that too, but I got these during a black Friday sale and the company built me an entire custom grow package (which was basically me telling them exactly what I want) and came back with a price I couldn’t say no to!


it’s gonna be a great year @Blazin_Skywalker

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**Blue Dream’Matic **

Day 1 above ground and already performing surgery :persevere:

Blue Dreamatic was being a bit of an overachiever and tried to jump out of her rapid rooter. I propped her up with a stem from my last harvest while I thought on what to do next.

I decided to slice the rooter top to bottom down one side and opened it up like a book. I could see that the bottom of the taproot had already gone digging deep, so I did my best to nestle the seedling lower down into the rooter.

I’ve done this on previous grows for the same reason with no issues, but this grow is a bit different. In the short period of time I had the humidity dome removed while I was deciding what to do, I noticed part of the root stem appear to start drying up. Doh! :persevere: Should have moved faster!

So when I made the cut, I nestled the seedling down deep in a way that will hopefully result in seeing a strong and happy seedling unfurl.

I then closed the rapid rooter back up and secured it with a small zip tie to ensure that the seedling had support. As the seedling begins to take root, I’ll remove the zip tie before placing her into her net basket.

Day 2 above ground. We’re experiencing an oddly warm and sunny day, so I moved the seedlings over to the window, still with the heating pad underneath. Come one, Blue! Pull through!


Miss Tangie was a bit more mellow in the germination process. When I took the seedlings out of darkness, I could see by peeking into the rooter she had sprouted her taproot. :heart: By the next day she was saying hello :wave:.

Babies :heart:


Lookin good lady. How you enjoying that Northern??

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I almost always do surgery. Never zip tied the rooter back together. Your girl will be fine. :grinning:

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Off to a great start! :+1:
Oh and those lights! :drooling_face:


LOVE my Northern Lights! I had to put the rest of my bud in the vault because I want to be able to smoke it when I’m 84. :v:


That oddly makes me feel better… I feel like there’s always one that has to paint outside the lines. :joy:

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Me too. Everyone who’s had it begs me for more. And the weed too :rofl::rofl:

Blue seems to be responding well, but is still holding onto her bonnet!


Tangie is looking great… Not sure about little Blue :confused:

Think she’ll pull through?


Oh, she will absolutely pull through.

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She might surprise you and be the biggest of the bunch.

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@blackthumbbetty I didn’t think she was doing too bad until my husband goes “oh… Not looking good, huh?”

… My husband who knows not a thing about growing…but it made me have to ask your opinions! So thank you for putting me back in the right state of mind!

@doobienoobie that’s actually how I responded!!! With my last grow, BUDZILLA started as the one not looking so good and, well, we saw how that that ended!

Hah… Every time I plant a seed I feel like a new mother all over again. :rofl:


So, good news and bad news. Good news - Tangie is looking fine! She got some yellowing of the tips of her first leaves which leads me to believe I had left the seedling tray with too much water in it. I have since drained and Tangie looks happy :blush:. Her roots are through the bottom of the rooter and she seems established.

Now the bad news… Blue had more of an injury than I had first realized. I checked out the rooter today, and when she still had no roots coming through, I opened up to find sadness. Remember when I said the taproot had started drying out while I was prepping for rooter surgery? Well the root severed :frowning:

I tried to take a picture, but I was also trying to be careful in the off chance that she can pull through from this. It APPEARS that there are smaller roots rooting off of the part still attached, so I’m curious to see what will happen, but I’m keeping my optimism harnessed by my logic that says, it’s probably over.

Ugh :weary::sob::cry:


Don’t give up until it’s lying dead on the ground.