Blasting's Autopot journal



So I did it and ordered a 5 stage RO system thats guaranteed to be home friday! Ladies should be happy!


I came across a conversation on another forum of someone complaining that ANs was not adjusting his PH right (he stayed in the 6.3 range at 200PPM starting water) and everyone would tell him ANs only guarantee it to work with RO water, so I am pretty sure I was on the right track!



I’m very lucky that my tap water reads out at between 35 - 48 ppm as a starting point. If I had to invest in an RO system, I doubt I would be growing currently. I do recall reading that when I started out in this venture. And I remember getting that ec meter and rushing to test my water only to be relieved it was low ppm’s. You’re likely hitting the nail on the head here @Blasting


Yeah, mixing same recipe with both RO and well water is what really made me understand, PH was so different I knew something was wrong, and I did recall reading that when you had your BB start acting up, seems like a good 200$ investment here lol this was starting to give me a headache!


Here they are! Day two of light switch! Mixed their first reservoir of bloom nutes. (Had to buy some distilled water until i get the system)

Mixed this recipe

1.5ML/L Sensi Bloom
1ml/L Bud Candy
1ml/L Sensizym
1ml/L Rhino Skin
0.5ml/L Botanicare Hydroguard
0.25G/L Big Bud powder


Here we are for (I hope) the start of something wonderful! Blue cheese and Blueberry duo under the hacked Mars 700w.


So I went to my local hydro shop cause I needed an extra air dome (wich i should have waited to put under Mazar x CC) and T’s for my autopots cause seems like i lost some of mine. They didnt have Promix HP but they had Nutrimix HP so i went and bought a big bale see how that works out!



Wait, your local shop sells autopot parts?


The T were not actual autopots parts, but yeah he carries XL’s and standart kit. He didnt have RCDs in stock but he ordered me some and he had the air dome.


Here they are! Both plant have shown sex! Yay!!! Blueberry has started branching out alot and blue cheese has tops everywhere, guess he liked that LST! One aquavalve stuck on me today, glad I was around and limites damage, spill was not too bad. I also trimmed lower parts of BB as you will notice.


I guess perhaps they are indeed getting more popular!! Great news.


wow, I’ve not had that happen but have you noticed (I just did the other day) there are directions on the side of the tray and a mark to drill to install overflow tubing for protection. I never saw this mentioned and it was only because my trays were sitting ontop my tent that I noticed the “directions” including drill sizes and parts to obtain. Maybe worth looking into @Blasting


I will look at this tonight when back home, i did not notice on the tray but i will look into this closely!!!


I am mad right now, paid 40 bucks to get GUARANTEED one day shipping and nope, no RO system today -.- hope Purolator works on saturday or ill be mad.


Best be getting your $40 back


Just cheked it was 48 -.- they will hear me I promise


So,they refunded the shipping! Good thing and I shoukd get my package monday.

Here is little update on veg tent, things be fine. I almost destroyed GZ3 whole root system transplanting the other day and she gave no shizzle!! Hope that one if a female because its growing really darn good!

Blue coma almost died and mystery seed started out twisted lol but they be recovering!

This is for saturday!


So there was no RO filter delivered this morning and my parcel scanned 6 hours too far from where it should have stopped. So I contacted amazon CS and they issued a full refund for my package, lets hope I still get it lol.


I have to say I am very amazed at Amazon CS. Two emails, two refunds. Didnt get my item yet (or in guaranteed time) but I feel alot of companies would just blame it on purolator. They just considered lost even tho it tracked this morning at 8AM. Woo!!


Just to follow up @Blasting
My autopots (bought feb 2017) have this on side of the tray
Directions for installing overflow lines in case of a stuck aquavalve