Blasting's Autopot journal



Definetly, never ran that high ppms in res in veg and still get deficiencies lol.


Took some clones clones to keep the Blue coma until smoke test, also took garlic zkittles clones to keep the dank going every grow and did take a BB and a Lemon zkittle clone, not sure what im gonna grow next and how im gonna do it so im tryna keep them all lol! Also got lots of strains to test so hard to decide!


Looking good there. Happy white roots to.


I got what seemed to be K defifiency after couple of days in there, brought ppm up to 470 and new growth seems all good, affected leaves arent totally happy yet tho, but hey those leaves will be under a huge canopy soon enough :stuck_out_tongue:


I dunno man that dont look like wanting to flower that looks like an issue she’s very droopy


Shes throwing postils everywhere and what looks like preflowerr.


Just pulled the trigger on 14 280mm eb gen 2 strips in 3500k along with 4 more 560s in 3500k. Gonna add some light to the 2x4 and the 2x3 is going to turn full EBs too!


Welp!!! Shizz happens! Blue coma is a hermy! Dat s**ks lol! But hey that leaves place for next project!


Oh yuck. The dirty dog. That sucks dude


Dang that sucks on the plant. But good on more lights. I need to order some more as well.


Yeah, the blue coma seeds were from an oz i got from a dispensary back in the spring, it was some amazing smoke so I decided I would try them, I was looking at it alot tho and kinda saw it coming since they were bag seeds from an herm. im going to leave the ZPOG that was pollinated with banana puddintain pollen in the 2x4 until I switch the 3x6 to 12/12 soon in a couple days then ill move it there with the other gals to flower.,still need to fix some light leaks in the tent before flip. With an empty 2x4 this is giving me space for my new project :slight_smile: two 14 gal tote in line with a 5gal control bucket outside of tent :slight_smile: just bought 1 1/2 bulkthread @ amazon with grommets/tubing/water pump etc everything i need to get that thing going! I am going to put two 3.6" net pot per tote, for a maximum of 4 small plants, or two bigger ones. Also got a small 3gal rubbermaid for a dwc clone project to work on later :slight_smile:


Looks like the blue coma won’t be missed then. Wire it up and pop it @Blasting
I love your perpetual grow.


As things were getting serious in there bam hermie nation hahaha, o well, better now than later. No moar bagseeds for mr blasting.


Yeah. I learned that the hard way too. 10 weeks of veg hard.


Ive got amazing packs of seeds to try anyways so might aswell turn the page hehe! If I can resist dropping seeds Im going to run 4 clones in the new dwc system once its setup, depending on what strains root,might be a mix but I would like to grow 4 of that Garlic Zkittles :fire: so its easier nutrient wise! I have been giving alot of my stash to my best friend until we harvest that 3x6 so I probably wont make it to next chop but o well!


Hydro store had no neoprene inserts… so I tought this might work! I have no rooting solution, i went with good ol sensi grow with vitathrive + a lil great white, 225ppm ph 5.8. Lets see if i can clone directly into water!


My clones always root better in .3-.4 EC water anyway. And they’re stronger roots than with rock wool I’ve found.


Lets see how that turns out!! I am loving this whole hydro thing haha!


Also since ZPOG was now alone in the 2x4 i closed all fans got in there closed door and sat with her and slowly pollinated a bunch of buds with Banana Puddintain pollen again to make sure that she understands what im wanting her to do :smiley:


@Screwauger ever experience this? Just read they are springtails and totally harmless to the plant, I had this happen to my Mazar on my first AP grow too.