Blasting's Autopot journal



Nice little kit !


Nice. I was reading about your new nutrient. This is the flower mix I use.


Dude I love that little testing solution station. that’s great.


Thats what sold me into that kit loll!


Lil update on that ZPOG clone, nice tap root down the water, seems to be standing her leaves up. Once I see more roots down the water im going to do a res change and switch to GP nutrients. Shes still on AN’s right now. Mid pic is when i transplanted.


a lil after work treat

Decided to change reservoir with GP nutrients right now, i want to test them out for good.

Went with

0.75ml/L Hydro Fuel Grow A+B
1ml/L Vitathrive
0.5ml/L Cal mag
Sprinkled great white microbes.

Ppm 450
Ph 5.7

Was my first time playing around with PH lol, that lil meter is great!


Same meter I use, I love it.


Today marks day 5 for the blue coma scrog and the ZPOG smally. Same feed as before, screen is filling good, pistils are starting on the BC.


Overall looking sick on my amazing GZ pheno, not sure what to do… already flushed it and it is just worse. Not sure what it wants exactly, lol. Looking like it wants to flower real bad growing extreme tight nodes. @screwauger what should i do brother


It doesn’t look like anything major. I’m sure he can help and she’ll look happy again soon. She’s got such beautiful colors coming in. And that stem is soooooo purple.


I’ve no idea @Blasting w/o doing some research into that leaf appearance and purple stems. I will see what I can learn here this evening. Is that brown or purple discoloration on that last photo?


Just adding a find in case it helps. All in all, hate to say it, if it’s a P problem it’s ph related most likely.


Hmmm… my feeding ph is right, ill give it a couple of days and see what happens. Getting lots of deficiencies under these eb strips. I found a job near home so im really thinking of switching to the hydro side instead of APs.


Decided to remove the garlic zkittle from autopot feed for now to let it dry a bit see what happens.


I know it’s probably frustrating but those auto pots seem to work well once you get them dialed in. And I agree everyone that switches to higher powered lights gets more deficiencies. I think it’s because the plants eat at a higher rate. I had a bit of a calmag deficiency early on but after adding a half strength dose supplemental from then on it hasn’t returned.


Yeah, I also did not follow autopots rec’s by going 50% perlite or hydroton in the media, i am thinking they are not breathing enough. On a side note I emailed GP nutrients and they told me the smell was normal but company where i ordered had shipped my replacement bottle hehe


Score lol.


Heres an update on the DWC ZPOG clone. Roots be shooting out the basket everywhere, it seemed to be a little K and N deficient so i upped PPms to 450 and new growth looks nice, older growth be looking soso but I bet shes on the right track! I tied her to the side a little to get her to bush up. So far I am loving this hydro thing!


Garlic Zkittles, tryna flower so bad and wants to turn purple lol. Changed light to 18hours instead of 16.


Lemon Zkittles!

Blue coma scrog!

Notice the missing ZPOG? I pollinated it all with Chiquita Banana pollen, it is chilling in my 16x16 tent for some days then ill reintroduce it to the 2x4. Autopots + promix hasnt been nice with me lately, i am gonna try one more ride in coco with different nutrients then AN and ser how that works out or i might switch to full DWC.


Those lights will definitely make your plants hungrier, too.