Blasting's Autopot journal



Having a shot at these, got the packs of 500mls bottles for 55$ and ill be using them in my dwc tryouts. Only need a good PH meter now.


Blue coma scrog and my monster cropped BB clone. I cut a circle the size an air dome, removed dirt and placed the air dome under the pot, so far is wicking water. Lil tryout ya know. I flipped timer to 12/12 on the BC scrog, let the fun start. Im thinking I should have a nice canopy once stretch is over.

Having couple issues I cant seem to fix on the EB strips plants. Bb is looking good and is on same reservoir as the two others.

Purple stems, droopy leaves and shit looking overall for garlic zkittles, nodes are tight as hell and looks to be tryna flower. Meanwhile lemon zkittles is getting pale and leaves are turning a bad color… i tried feeding them a little more base nutes and a little more magnesium, doesnt seem to progress.

Colors looks much better in pictures lol.



8 part nutrients :open_mouth: seems like a lot to keep track of.


Actually base nutrients are two parts, so 4 additives and two base A/B for veg and flower.


I’m sure it’s the pics but I get zinc def vibes. That being kinda rare, next culprit would be ph but I suspect you’re on that to start with. Hmmmmm


Looks like PH problems there. Cant afford a good ph meter right now lol, just got an xbox for the house.


Yeah it shows as zinc or iron by the charts. So ph the most likely culprit or a lack of micro nutrients as a second option.


But that makes sense, also pretty sure I am not buying any ANs no more. I do not trust their PH perfect no more and the price is high af lol.


Yeah, I’m done with that stuff too.
If it truly meant hands off, fine but I believe most of my grow issues have been ph related.

I just bought megacrop and some bloom boosters they sell. Should last me through 4 or more grows.
So it better be good stuff like they say.


Gotta try things I guess!!


My Rezin bottle seal was kinda broke and leaked a little, bottle gone bad cause once opened the smell went right trough me like pure ammonia. Emailed them tryna get another box :smiley: would be a great deal, or maybe a liter of rezin.


Hopefully they hook you up with a second set.


Yeah, that smell cant be normal, it went right trough my soul lol


Yuck. Lol when I read NoTG descriptions one of theirs says that its pretty ripe smelling. For dirt that might be ok as it would dissipate. In hydro that stuff would just sit there and get worse lol. That had me just about scared away on its own.


A little stem porn, first up Lemon Zkit and second Garlic Zkit !

And this was once a blueberry bud lol, nature is fun. Monstercropped clone stem porn.

I defoliated bottom alot, getting rdy to flower soon, i need them to look better tho lol


Day 1 of light switch.

This blue coma is on the regular feed I used previous grow.

1ml/gal calimagic
1.5ml/L sensi bloom a b
1ml/L Vitathrive
Full dose of big bud powder.
A sprinkle of great white microbes.

Mixed a 8L batch, that girl by the scrog is the mother of my ZPOG clone in dwc, trimmed her alot and tryna grow a huge bud. She is big already for that pot, lets see how that works lol. Also ordered an apera ph20 kit that was quite nice priced and came with lotsa goodies.

Heres is it for tha 2x4 under my hacked mars 700w. I am going to add the HLG65 to its side to give more light to the zpog.


Looking really nice, good job!


Kinda proud of that one, got her back on track good. Wish I could fix the other two now haha. Shes a bag seed of some excellent smoke lets hope it was growers error and not unstable genetic trait.


Got to love the holidays, purolator is delivering on saturdays lol, got my PH meter!