Blasting's Autopot journal



Citrus skunk

Garlic Zkittles 1

Garlic Zkittles 3

Mazar x Crystal Candy

So far, Citrus Skunk smell is A1, rock hard buds, friend smoked one and it burned really even and a nice white ash. Easy to trim.

GZ1 buds are really nice, nice desceness, nice smell very easy to trim.

GZ3 was my nicest, one of the little buds I could keep. Frost for days.

Mazar x CC is my accidental cross, smells alot like Mazar did, lemon pledge or something. Was an hell to trim.


Garlic Zkittles

Blue coma, recovering from deficiencies. Had these bloated leaves forever.

And lemon zkittles branching out nicely, theyre gonna get rocket in the screen sooooon.


That is Lemon Zkittles,a little mag def . Applied a foliar feed at lights out yesterday, 0.25ml to water of calimagic with 1ml Nirvana! I have to say girls looked much better tonight! I need to adjust my feedings a little under the EB strips now, girls get hungry faster.


I love Nirvana! Great product, all around.


Lots of good things in there for sure!



Garlic Zkittles and Lemon Zkittles front view. Lemon Zkittle is a Sativa dominant vs the indica one, can clearly see the sativa dominant is gonna fill out screen faster.

Oh and heres my monstercropped blueberry clone, i cut a bud like 4 weeks into 12/12 and here she is.


Was cranking lights a lil 10w a day but just decided to crank them to 250w. Trying to get more penetration I lowered light over GZ to 14 inches.


This is one of the grows thats exciting, I know what Im growing and I feel like I actually know more what I am doing. And of course, loving this new cabinet setuo with my eb strips, these things are bright!!!


Lz seems to be liking her nutrient dose from the autopot feed! New growth looks great!


Moved Blue Coma to the 2x4, shell get autopot feed when I get back next week. She aint looking real good, she was a little root bound in her small pot before transplant and seems to have a hard time recovering lol, she had a bloated look from the beginning, she is one of the couple seeds i got from a quarter I bought of the finest smoke had, the smell and taste was amazing. Lets hope it was a growers mistake and not a genetic trait, cause I dont need anymore garden problems haha! She is under my hacked mars 700w, 225 watts or something, scrog is 21x25 inches and kinda low so I have a little room to spare at top, will try and flip when scrog is full and use spare space at the sides.


Sorry for late reply, been in Las Vegas since last Thursday and just getting caught up. You can turn and burn with that driver as long as your aluminum temps stay reasonable. The 250 watt rating is on output side, and you likely got a little bonus current. The strips can handle it no problem. The rest is power loss from driver. Perfectly normal. Sorry to hear about bud rot bro, that shit sucks.


Lil update on the scrogs. Trying a new approach of 2.5ml/L of Sensi A and 1.5ml/L of B, more cal and mag from the base nute directly. Droopy girl is GZ, both plants looking a little cal and mag def, tryna get that fixed tweaking with basr nute.


Blue coma scrog, topped at 2nd node, middle is starting to grow up, new growth looks better. Will let her grow a lil more before I start autopot feeding her. She is on air dome, her top are already reaching end of screen, I think I might retop to bush it out a lil more.


Will follow your experiment with interest @Blasting though I am real close to committing to the mega crop or similar powdered nute.


So am I lol, was thinking a good PH meter and powdered nutes. I also came across Green Planet Hydro fuel line, cheap and been told good things about them.


Going to research that for sure!! Thanks.


Got the sample from #Maga crop and been using it on my Christmas Cactus seem like it works good


Lil update on the blue coma scrog, filling in nicely, is now on reservoir feed. Seems to get happier everyday! At this rate I am thinking 7-10 days then flip, or maybe a lil longer, fill that canopy up.


This ZPOG clone rooted so i went and cleaned tent turned on light and here comes the dwc journey. 350ppm of sensi grow and calimagic with a teaspoon of greatwhite. I need more air line lmfao.! This clone rooted in like 8 days, lets see how it does putting down roots into water.


Nice clone bro.:call_me_hand:t2:I just started a sog with Hindu Kush but I accidentally left the lights on for 10 days and was wondering why they looked like shit. Haha. Rookie