Blasting's Autopot journal



Sounds perfect! If you ever decide to expand that should be almost perfect light for something like a 3x3.

Looking forward to the next one!


Yeah that was kind of the plan since i had a 39x39 tent but since i moved basement height is low and can barely fit 63inches tent. when i expand im just gonna build it instead.


Just got two blue cheese clones and a mazar clones, the Mazar was transplanted into AP and im still waiting to see what happens with the PKA seed, if it does work i will transplant one blue cheese and grow the PKA, if not two blue cheese will be grown


So, I needed to buy coco coir to fill up my 3rd autopots and I had access to promix HP 0.25 miles from home, so you guess what I did.

Mixed about 20% coco, 30% perlite and 50% Promix HP with Myc. PKA will go in there tommorow morning since I am preparing the pot as I write (bong break OFC).

Cellphone is being silly so no pictures right now, will update later :slight_smile:

Also gave day 15 watering
1ml/L sensi grow
2ml/l Tarantula
2ml/l Piranha

I have no more voodoo juice but tarantula is just about the same microbes mix.


I’ve heard people say that nowadays, because coco presents so many issues for some, that AP’s recommends promix and perlite for a more stable and less needy grow. Should work out good for you.


Guess that is good news :smiley:

Also preparing a 1 gal grow bag for my citrus skunk seedling that will get sowed tommorow with the Purple Kush auto.

This grow should consist of 1 PKA, one Mazar photo and one Blueberry Photo, might grow a blue cheese if space let me, if not, both blue cheese and CS will stay in the 16x16 tent until 3 other plants are done, or until they cant fit it no more. i will stall them as long as I can in the 1 gal grow bags.


Here is the group and the setup (not all finished lol!) both CS and PKA seed are doing good and should be all good to go into pots tommorow :slight_smile:

Blasting caves is starting to look like something!

The clones arent looking so good but mr Blasting will take care of this :slight_smile:


Mazar looks hungry!! Great start and of course, great setup!! Best Dewd!!! Keep 'em green Brother.


everytime i visit my friends grow i facepalm inside, he does not do it the way you and I and most of this forum would, but he has space to keep genetics so I grab what i can and then love them the way they should be :stuck_out_tongue: sadly it is not the exact same pheno of mazar that I grew (loved it so much) but hey lets see how it turns out :smiley:


So I decided to put seeds into ground last night and they already are popping their head out of soil! No possible error with that auto since its my last auto bean! And I need it to thrive! Also dropped one more seed into water, from that Mazar/crystal candy cross. High hopes for that plant, I am preparing my next grow already you see :stuck_out_tongue:


I also got some Zkittles Z3 male pollen in the mail along with 5 Garlic Zkittles reg seeds (Garlic Cookies x Zkittles). Should be fun to experiment with pollen and some crazy strain!


Looking good @Blasting! I didnt know it was possible to obtain male pollen. Did you buy online?


Gotta grow a male plant out and collect the pollen.
P.s. there’s more to it than that lol.


I did. They only sell within canada tho.


That’s awesome! I’m curious to know why that service isn’t available here. Dogs would probably sniff it out or something. Lol. I wish our leaders would wise up and legalize on a federal level!


Actually nothing is legal here yet, and my province wont allow me to grow. The particular website I got it from only ships within canada. You could probably do a little search and find that in the US.


So I did this this afternoon. Split my 6 inch inline fan in two to intake both tent and it has the carbon filter on other end to filter basement. I need one more 4 inch inline to exhaust, been eyeing the Cloudline T4 from ac infinity, im liking the control screen.



I have been shopping cobs and have few questions.

My drivers are 55-86V 630-650ma, Would running a cob that is 700MA max current be to close? and would running them at like 56V be also to close to driver minimum? same for these 28cm EB strips, is running them at 650ma to close to their 700ma max? i was thinking maybe fiting 10 of these on my mars 600w, would lower the wattage to like 120W but could run it closer in my low height setup. hmmmhmmm help me out brother to much possibilities lol.


You could probably run them there with the fans, but you’d really be pushing them. If you absolutely wanted to go with the eb strips, you could run groups of 2 in parallel and then have 3-4 groups in series per driver. You’re talking 6-8 strips per driver though will eat up space fast.

Which cobs were you looking at? The drivers seem pretty ideal for the 69v vero 29. I think luminous may have a cob that fits too.


i was looking at vero 10 and 13, and 18 again, tryna make a good combo. but im now thinking i should just get four vero 69v for about the same price and less hassle.

After check, thats what im gonna do, its like 20$ cheaper to do it with smaller version but more pain in the ass so ill just do four cobs.

do you know anything that would be a nice addon to the fixture to fill up drivers a little more, having like 17v left can you think of anything 10V that would be cool?