Blasting's Autopot journal



I’m looking forward to see how that top feed setup works for you. And I’m betting you’re going to grow a monster in it. Have you bought any hydroguard yet?


Yeah I use that! Also got some Great White!


They recommend 1tsp of great to every 10 gal every two weeks, ill see exactly how much this setup hold and should be good to add just under 3/4 tsp of great white every two weeks, it contains hydroguard bacteria and many more.


I looked into that one. I wasn’t sure if you should add together. I’ll try it on my next grow.


Je t’en prie, mon très cher ami, y’as rien là…Tu sais que t’as juste à me faire signe et je serai là pour toé… Je te l’ai promis au jour 1 de notre rencontre…:wink::grinning::v::innocent:

Tu me r’viendras pour un suivi… S.v.p., tag moé, je suis pas très présent sur ce site et répond habituellement aux tags que je reçois, particulièrement de mes ami(e)s

Je fût promu modérateur la semaine dernière au Lab, donc mes responsabilités se sont accrues, mais je serai toujours là pour toé, présent de temps en temps, icitte…lol…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::wink::grinning::v::frog:


Merci!! I woke up this morning 6 am feeling good, tought i could trim my citrus skunk and a bit of mazar candy, and then finish my cabinet and start finishing my dwc project. Well all.went good until i decided to trim the garlic zkittles, then thats when i found rot on lemon zkittles, that other garlic zkittles seems.unaffected but ill wash everything tommorow… i did get the projects done and also the groceries, im dead now hahaha… une caliss de journee mon chum :rofl:


Well I dont think I will need to use both if i use great white, i def used hg in every watering before i got this great white.


Repose toé bien, temps pour moé de logger out, moé aussi j’ai eu une criss de journée bien remplie, mais ben moins éreintante et plus positive que toé à certains égards…lol… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::wink::grinning::v::frog:

Donne moé des news, mon très cher ami :grinning::frog::v:


Si cetais pas du rot, stai une mechante belle journee, heureusement. A+ merci encore.


Pas d’troubles… On s’reparles demain…


This plant has been on 12/12 to sex for a week or so, just saw a pistils under magnifier so its going back to veg :stuck_out_tongue: i will try a transplant from promix to dwc with that plant, gonna need some hydroton as I should set this up today.


Welp pic woulda been better… lmfao.

one of my ZPOG (Zkittles Pebbles OG) a mix of Cherry Aliendawg FPOG x Zkittles. Ive got so many Zkittles mix to try lol! Lets hope theyre all as good as the Garlic cross :stuck_out_tongue: was called in to work with my brother today… just got home. Another helluva day




It was all becoming a beautiful journey until that bud rot slapped me right in the face lmfao, o well.


That lil rdwc is going nice, still needs a little fix @ bulkhead but so far is working good. I feel like this is gonna be fun, or one helluva trouble hahaha. System holds about 5gal of water total, mainly did it for the control bucket thats going outside of tent. Yay!


Looks good! You’re going to do great with it.


Clever guy!!!


Good setup. :man_farmer: Give your reservoir a airstone too and try and cover the clear hose.


I run 6 gals in mine and the plant side only held 1 gal today (bucket full of roots)


Yeah, not totally finished! Probably going to just buy some black lines. And was sure I had two air stones,ill buy one more once needed!

Thanks all!