Blasting's Autopot journal



Mazar x Crystal Candy and citrus skunk went into dark mode for 48 hours then theyll get the chop sunday by my friend! The zkittle family in the 2x3 are beginning week 11 from switch, they got their last feed a week ago and I might chop them on wednesday, most probably the nicest small tiny zkittles, need to check trichs etc, they all seemed started having more red hairs last week so im guessing the time is soon. Friend went home to add doors to the cabinet, looks great!

Gonna have to see if its light proof but it seems to be doing the job! That was it for this friday night! Im going back to lurking the forum.


Small update on the veg girls, wired LZ and GZ to autopots, just got some great white mychorizae and gave some to everyone. They were thirsty and hungry as fk, it was time daddy came home lol. Filled res with 8L

  1. 1.5ml/L Sensi Grow A/B
  2. 0.25ml/L calimagic
  3. 0.5ml/L Hydroguard
  4. 1/2 tsp Great White

This is it for now, flower girls should be up soon.



I cut the 3 plants and theyre now hanging, LZ top bud is heavy as hell. I now have no more plants flowering :slight_smile: time to clean an autopot 3.9gal pot and transplant Blue Coma


Awesome, congrats on harvest!


Thanks man! Seems like my girls got hungry fast under the strips heh.


I’m sure, gotta keep up with all the energy.


This aint my favourite part but roots do love dat air dome :slight_smile:


@dbrn32 is it okay to drive my driver rated 250w at 280w? Since it goes up to 298 if i crank dimmer, was just wondering if this could damage driver.


You’re measuring with killawatt? On that strip build with the 1050ma driver?


Yes exactly


I present you Garlic Zkittles! Like, my other strains are really nice and all…
But this is something else… I hate trimming but trimming this was fun… the sugar leaves… wew… the resin on my scissors…


F**k… @niala i need your help!! Bud rot all over my Lemon Zkittles and Garlic Zkittles… probably the same for the othrr garlc zkittles… lets hope othet plants are fine… i chopped yesterday is it still to late to do a wash? My huge LZ bud is full of mold… fk this…


Oh no! They’re so pretty I hope you can save them.


TABARNAC D’OSTI D’CALICE…!!!:angry::angry::angry: Bud rot, Botrytis, was a plague this year…

Here’s a recipe that help a couple of already harvested growths that I recommend in the Lab…

Prepare a recipient in what you’ll fill your buds… that gets bud rot… and prepare a mix of luke warm 0 PPM water (body temperature) and H2O2 3% in a half and half dilution, 1:1… And soak, immerge completely your infected buds in that solution until you see no more bubbles… Just your buds, without branches…

It worked for every one that I suggest this method… And it’s really important that you use 0 PPM water, distilled, RO or five stage filtered water… Otherwise, the H2O2 will degrade too fast for it to act properly…

Their no need to rince since H202 will evaporate within a 48 hrs window…

Then, carefully poor your buds in a clean and disinfect strainer, pasta strainer work well… And wrap them in paper towel until water is well absorb and put them, your buds, in a paper bag and toss 2-3 times a day until dry to your satisfaction and voila…:grinning::+1::wink::frog::v:

Give me some news, mon ami :grinning::v::frog:

If you saw some of your other plants are infected that are not harvested, do the same mixture of H2O2 3% and 0 PPM water… 24 hrs after spray the entire plants with either copper base fungicide or neem oil, depends on where they are in maturation, copper spray base if you’re in late flowering , last 2 weeks, neem oil if you’re at minimum 3 weeks from harvest or younger… if you don’t want your harvest to tast like neem oil…:wink: Repeat each weeks to stop the progression of Botrytis…

Disinfect all your growing equipment with pure 3% H2O2, and I really mean all, autopots, lines, fan , exhaust fan, inline fans, humidifier, deshumidifier, the tent walls and all your pruning and trimming equipments…

You probably have enter that shit when you have moved or\and by your clothes or shoes…

Always change your self when manipulated your babies, especially if you have strains or genetics that are more susceptible to mold…

Ton ami…

~Al :v::innocent:


Thanks Al, all my plants are harvested and ill try what you recommended. There will a huge clean up in grow environment. Ive lost some amazing buds there lol. Damnit.

Merci… merci beaucoup mon ami.


Man o man so sorry to read this @Blasting
Clean up, transplant, more fans and get it growing on. It’s the only option Brother.


I think thats all there is to do… damnit! On a positive note I just got done finishing scrog frame and putting up wires. Both lights are hanged dimmed to 150w at 24 inches. Will keep them at that height and power up 5-10w a day to slowly crank them to 250w, full blast seems to be too much yet.



Happy of the result! Both air domes and aquavalve are wired to pump/res! Now lets see the show! Cleaned everythinf inside with bleach water, will start cleaning around now. Oh and there is the blue coma in the middle that gonna go in the 2x4 pretty soon oncr whats inside is dried.


Also painted my dwc buckets black, going to try and setup this tommorow, then ill need some hydroton and a clone.