Blasting's Autopot journal



I think when I bought them it was slip fiting, well see once i have the pvc in hand hehe


Yep good call. Just remember it’s not pressurized but it does have the weight of water pressure so there is some level of pressure against seals.


Didnt have time to get to the store for pvc before 5pm, had to help a friend for a job he had to do. Just wondering what size pump I should get since this setup is very small?


Something this size should do the trick. Just make sure you keep it above water level to prevent it from siphoning water back if the power goes out.


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Do you think this is fine? Im running elbow fitting down in bucket to create s waterfall effect and im thinking maybe a bigger pump adjusted down might work better?


That 80 gallon pump would struggle to pump much vertical. I’d look into the low 200gph range for that.


Thats what I tought, never played around with these kind up pumps, thanks!


Yeah I tried a 220 GPH to do what I needed and it wasn’t enough. I had to go to the 400 range. But it would work perfect for what you are doing.


Just a lil update. Lemon Zkittles and Garlic Zkittles bud. Have a great nite group.


What does that garlic one smell like? I’ve been seeing a bunch of cross breeds with garlic bud at my seed supplier and I’m curious about it’s smell and taste. It sounds interesting like part of me says gross and part of me says yummy cause I love garlic lol.


Hmmm, honestly right now its hard to tell, it smells very loud as soon as I open the tent but it is kinda fruity and something else… im not so good a describing smells lmfao. It smells amazing lol! This one is a cross between Terp Hogz Zkittles and Garlic Cookies from emerald triangle


Lol yeah I’m not good at it either. I was just curious if the garlic smell was there and if like real garlic it was overwhelming.


The smell is overwhelming, but its not garlic alike hahaha


Lol well that’s good. I think that is what worried me. Then again it might be easier to make excuses for stinky garlic lol.


Bahahah, the two females I got out this 5 regs pack are amazing! Purple everywhere


And I am glad I clone almost everything cause i still got these two plants for next round, but this time under 30x" 78" scrog with my bridgelux fixtures and into autopots :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol gonna be huge!


Here they are :stuck_out_tongue: waiting on them to build roots, just wired the air domes to the air pump, in about 9 days i will put them aquavalves and wire to reservoir and fun should start.


Take pictures when you setup the aqua valves. I’d like to see how it works.