Blasting's Autopot journal



It hurt my eyes from here, but I know you’ve been getting after it. So I let it slide haha.


Done a quick fix with black and white, nice to have a big roll haha, one hlg 65 wasnt so bast but with the cob light it was too bright i had to maintain light inside.


Soon friend… soon haha!


I like the grow room setup like that. Are you planning to seal it up completely or is the whole room its in filtered? I’m curious how you’ll do the doors? But it looks great.


Yes, we’re trying a material that is a little different for doors with velcro, its something like blackout curtains that rolls up your window, one side is white and the other is black so thats what we needed, hoping the velcros do good and last. Its going to be 2 doors one for each plant.


Sounds like a good concept. I am about to use strong neodymium magnets to hold my front reflective piece up but I might do velcro if they don’t work.


Magnets could be great too didnt think of this, thanks!


Gawd I couldnt stop staring at this plants for 25 min. Pics dont do it justice :o this is when I understood that you can be the best, or the worst grower… get good genetics and it will pay off.


I had some extras laying around they’re small but very strong. I’m not sure they’ll work but I’m gonna try. Got one side super glued waiting on it to dry fully before doing the rest. It would suck if I got them backwards lol Some ever so slightly bigger ones would easily work for a door though.

And damn that lady is frosty!


So frickin gorgeous!! :drooling_face:


I have to say, these 3 plants my greatest in most aspect so far, promix and 5 gal cloth pot has been real easy. (And that tiny GZ3 in a 0.9gal pot made it far and frosty :D)


Forgot to post these pics of citrus skunk.


Have been in the grow space for a while doing different things, was about to go outside shoeless to take a quick pee,well the 2 inch of snow was quite unexpected lmfao.


Hahaha that’ll cure the need to pee for a bit if you stepped in it lol.


Gladly I had a WTF moment for a sec and walked back, I let the dog get caught tho hahaha.


Hahahah funny


Been doing things, me need some PVC pipe. Was actually just testing if walmart bucket seemed good to drill and fit.bulkhead, went smooth.


Well a warning that getting pvc pipe through those uni seals is a @#%%##@%%@@ lol. I found that ever so slightly beveling the edge of the pipe then coating it in dish soap helps. But even with that it’s a pain in the ass.

Or is yours the kind you glue in pvc?


Hum, i think they are 1" preas fit, theres no thread tho


I’d have to see. It might be a glue in by looking at your inside pic. Is it a bulkhead or a uni seal?