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I’m not sure what you’re asking about adding 4th wire?


There are three of these black and white connection coming from the port where you plug your power cord into the fixture, one for the fan driver and two others for the actual 560ma drivers. I want to connect the input of the 740ma driver i took from my mars 700w to connect them to the vero 18’s, in the roleadro 300w. I could prob ditch the fan driver but if i could i would keep them. I think this was more clear



Can you solder it into the connector to power cord?


Like remove shrink and solder a 16g solid and use wagos to connect to driver input? Would be kinda tricky to add more shrink after. I would prefer not have to do that if possible, i might just ditch the small fans for now and buy a bigger one from AC infinity that plugs into 110v.


The ac input power to all of the power supplies should all be parallel connected. So however you can get them all back to the hot wire would work.

You could take a wire and split it into two with a 3 port wago. Just put a smaller driver and the fan power supply on it and make sure current load of both combined doesn’t exceed current rating of wire size they’re sharing.


Exactly what i wanted to do first, actually what i asked to do first but guess i wasnt clear hahahaha, damn frenchy heh. So i could cut the black and white wires from my fan driver, wire live and neutral wire together with 3 ports wagos and just plug both into one female from the AC plug, right?


Not your fault, I’ve been on the fly all night.

That sounds about right. Just need all the inputs from each power supply getting back to power cord.


Gracis amigos, i dont have 3 port wagos, could i still use 2 ports and put two small wires in the same slot?


At this point with 3 vero 10 cobs im reaching 65w, should be around 180w once finished, killawatt might be off a bit too i only paid 20 bucks.


Ive fit all drivers back under the panel, was able to wire biggest driver with the fan driver with the two port wagos. Fun thing is they have 4 place to put driver bracket while there is only two drivers in there so I was able to move two smallest driver to the same side and put bigger one to the other with the bracket from the mars 700w. I am missing 4 bolts to finish the fixture completly wich ill get tommorow and still need to fix 3 cobs to the plate. Be right back!


Drilled 4 holes into the frame and into plate, will use 4 bolts long bolts and will secure plate down with a nut, then ill put two other nuts to secure it to the roleadro frame that way there is a little space between sinks and frame. Might be clearer in pic once i set up everything. I am considering removing heatsink and taping the sides with thermal tape + paste in middle instead of kapton and paste. Not the cleanest job and the cutest with kapton but this worked for my mars 700w :stuck_out_tongue:


Hard to clean off all fingerprints lol! Kapton does look ugly! Still wondering if im taking sinks off to add sore thermal tape under, theres a good contact.between plate and sinks and the right amount of paste so it should be fine!

Going to fix everything together tommorow, should look about like this but with space between frame and sinks.

Overall, I dropped wattage a little on my mars 700w by removing two cobs and a driver but 230w is enough for my 5sqft tent and I made the roleadro (i think it was about 118w from wall) into a 180w cob light that is mucho more efficient and 3000k with 80/90 cri mixed cob and has more coverage!

Next step, the mars 600w with a mix of 560mm eb’s and cobs. This will wait a little tho :slight_smile:


Looks good! The paste is better than the tape and both would be more thermal resistance, so just go with paste between plate and heatsinks.


Gotcha! Running to the store soon to finish this.


I’m all out of likes but I bet that thing is gonna be a hell of an improvement over stock lights for sure.


And it lives!


Left to right is GZ1, lemon zkittles, gz3. Gz1 decided it wanted to be all purple too, kinda bummed i didnt keep that pheno because buds are rock hard from top the the very bottom!


Here is the 2x4 tent you havent seen much :stuck_out_tongue: two first pics are my Mazar/Crystal candy that turned yellow in just a couple days on water. Last pic one one top bud from citrus skunk, i had chopped a bud couple days ago and just let my friend smoke one, he said it was much cleaner tasting and it had a sweet citrus aroma, it also.burned evenly to a nice white ash, mucho bueno compared to BB.

Two plants what were transplanted into autopots have been lst’d too. Lemon Zkittles and Garlic Zkittles.

And we are almost finished with the cabinet! Doors are gonna be here tommorow and we just need to finish some tweaking like install scrog screen, drill hole for power cords etc.


I cant wait to hack my last blurple, like I dont even want to open that tent anymore :rofl: