Blasting's Autopot journal



Sounds good, keep me posted.


Will do for sure :smiley:


@dbrn32 im getting 596w from both fixtures on full blast, seems to me they are transfering heat nicely because alu bars feels hotter than actual chip, they were on for about 45 min and it wasnt too hot to the touch at all.


You should be good then. I would take a look at temps again once you get into space and under normal operating conditions. May be a little warmer but more of just to be sure everything is in order.


Definitely accurate on both of these statements. Mine was uncomfortably warm at full blast. Turn the dimmer down to around 75% and it’s just warm. Put a fan up on top with it dimmed and they’re cool almost as cool as room temp.


Its cleaning time for these two AP’s :smiley: transplanting two babies from the nursery soon, most probably Lemon Zkittles and Garlic Zkittles.


GZ#3 Clone had a nice lil root ball!


Here are pics of the 2x4 ive been kinda not updating, i removed the roleadro to DIY it cause I couldnt wait so they will finish under the mars 600w. They eating themselves pretty fast but havent seen any amber trichs yet, im hoping to let them last 12 more days… let see if that works :stuck_out_tongue:


So, I removed two cobs from my hacked mars 700w and also removed the driver. It is down to 230w wich is more then fair for my 20"x36"x62" tent. Leaving me with an extra driver to DIY my roleadro 300w. Also took one of the heatsink out of the mars 700w since it was already running pretty cool.

I have this to work with

17"x10.5" alu plate 0.08 inch thick
One 4.5x5.5 inch heatsink from the roleadro
One 10"x4" heatsink i got from digikey
Two Bridgelux Vero 18 3000k 90 cri
Four Bridgelux Vero 10 3000k 80cri
Two Bridgelux Vero 10 3000k 90 cri
Two 80-110v 560ma drivers
One 55-86v 0.73-0.745A drivers

This is mucho fun :smiley:


What is model number on vero’s, specifically which voltage? It would be a, b, or c in those I think.



I believe digikey got efficiency wrong because data sheet has them a little higher in lm/w


Will run the 740ma driver with the two vero 18’s and two other drivers with a combo of 2-1 vero 10


Am I doing this right @dbrn32 lol, you got me wondering if i missed something.


Can i split the fan driver and connect the additional driver to it? So i can run two drivers out of one connection?


Gotta learn this one. I have 4 300w gh lights.


Might be a little different cause I added an extra driver and got a much bigger plate then original, tho im thinking you might have same drivers as I do, maybe not since ive got the yellow light roleadro.


You can’t combine constant current drivers because of they way they’re voltage adjusting. You could do that with constant voltage drivers but it’s not a great practice to get into.

I was asking because one of them is a 25v model, the other two closer to 36. I don’t know off top of my head which is which though. When I try to pull data sheet link is shut down?


I have two 25v and four 36v.And theyre firing


I think im going to remove the two small fans and have a bigger fan blow at it instead, so ill wire the extra driver to the fan driver cords. Unless you tell me how to add a 4th wire to this