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Still need a little tweaking to install driver but wow, this is bright, incredibly bright.


Ive turned the adjustment up to the max and its driving 298w at the killawatt, thats means voltage is increased quite a bit from the 19.5v listed once you crank the amps right? Does driver actually consumes some watts or are they pulling 26v or something each? @dbrn32

E: But drivers are listed at 250w so im not sure i fully understand loll!


Hete they are! Both works and killawatt is reading 297w from both, I am too scared to light both at the same time one is enough to get ya a good headache even with glasses on lol!


I am wondering… Why 11 strips???


11 strips was maximum per drivers so went for 11 strips per fixtures :stuck_out_tongue:


Two fixtures for this 30 x 78 space :slight_smile: yet to be finished.


Aaahhh, ok then… You have go for max capacity of your driver’s.,

Is it going to get you the max of your strips???


I have 1050MA dimmable drivers, maximum capacity of strips is 1400ma.


Ok then, mon ami :grinning::+1::ok_hand:


My challenge was the 58" height of my diy box. I want to be able to run them as close as possible, if money wasnt an issue i would probably have ran them at 700MA with more strips, but 1050MA seemed fair $/w wise.


And they are also more efficient lumen/watt wise when you drive them with less amps.


Would be 1500 ma will not be more cost\efficient wiser, lumens\watt? Idk, just asking… Knowing almost “rien de rien” in electronics\electricals…lol…:wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::v::frog:


1400ma drivers cant take less strips if i remember correctly, 1 strip was 9$ and drivers 70$ or so, ive tried different combo and this seemed to be the best price wise. I was aiming for 600w, calculated them at around 450w but it seems that once i put dimmer at 100% i am reaching 298w at the killawatt, drivers are rated at 249.9w each so @dbrn32 will probably explain this later :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok-dokay , mon ami, just scavenging some info’s here and there for my building light project…:wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::v::frog:


No problem :slight_smile: since connectors and wires are rated for 300v, you can only fit so much in series, and figured that losing lumens/watt for more $ and more heat and more distance from canopy was not worth it and 450w was enough with these quality strips :slight_smile:


À part ça, comment ça va toé…?? Moé, j’ai reçu de bonne nouvelles dernièrement, mes récent test, échographie et PET scan non révéler aucune nouvelles tumeurs dans ma vessie , donc, je suis dans mes premiers moments de rémission…:+1::ok_hand::v::frog: Espérons que ça continusse… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::wink::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::v::frog:


Cava super mec, je doit travailler fort sur moi meme en ce moment avec la job que j’ai perdu (et un bon montant d’argent vs le new job) et l’arret du weed pour la nouvelle job qui est rough, mais sinon life goes j’ai ramener mon char du troue du cul du monde parce que le garage etais pas capable de le faire partir la bas (thanks caa premium) et la ben voila un autre beau projet avant l’hiver loll!!! Le plus important ma femme va bien le chien vas bien apres une petite visite cher le vet une petite otite sinon top shape ma vieille dame :wink: je suis content de savoir que ta sante s’ameliore Al :slight_smile: et de te voir plus present aussi! Tu ne sais pas mais tu allume beaucoup de cloche avec tout tea judicieux conseils ici et la sur les thread :slight_smile:
Bonne soiree mon ami, que du bonheur :wink:


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En te souhaitant aussi une belle fin de journée ainsi qu’un restant de semaine…

Ton ami…

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Both. Chances are your driver output is 105-108% of nameplate on full tilt. And the driver efficiency should be around 93% and I believe meanwell says +/- 3% tolerance.

There’s no way they’re running at 26v. Here is chart from data sheet

I’d guess around 20-20.5 and constant current region on that driver is 238v, so you have plenty of headroom. My guess is actual output current is closer to 1.2 amps and driver is running closer to 90% efficient. Would put you in the ballpark of what you’re seeing anyway. And I’m sure the killawatt has a tolerance too, but should be reasonably close.

See how warm the aluminum gets. Junction temp on leds is rated for 85c and they will always be warmer than your aluminum. Temps usually equalize after about 45min to an hour, so track the aluminum temps with something other than ir gun for that long. I’m guessing they’ll get too hot to touch for more than very quickly, but that’s usually around 50c for most and plenty within spec for the leds.

You definitely got a stout driver, you can always dim it a little if it’s warmer than your liking. Or place a fan blowing over top of aluminum, that will knock it down a ton.


Both are showing same value at killawatt, didnt run them long but will def have a fan blowing at them. Thanks for the info! Will dim them down a little if It gets too hot.