Blasting's Autopot journal



Also ordered a liter of overdrivr because I ran out, registered to amazon prime in the meantime and I also got myself a killawatt to test out lights wattage.




Citrus skunk

Garlic Zkittles #1 , didnt keep that pheno cause i had to much and #3 was amazing from the beginning and kinda wish i did because the smell is mucho zkittles alike on #3

DP Lemon Zkittles, the tiny plant that evolved into a flowering beast. I never had colas that big on any plant, ever. Just simply growin her in a 5 gal cloth pot and shes killin it.

Garlic Zkittles #3 main favourite plant so far :stuck_out_tongue:

And the nursery

In there there is one dp LZ clone, one woops clone, one gz3 clone, one blue coma from seed, two ZPOG (zkittles pebbels og) from seed and the BB monster cropped clone that seems to want to reveg, or nah.


Oh and


Also tested my hacked mars 700w, 280w from the killawatt, 56w/sqft of vero 18 cobs might explain the huge main cola on lemon zkittle.


Plants look great, lights probably helped lol. Nice work!


Love those strips! And to Zkittles look good too :rofl:


You got things firing on all cylinders @Blasting

Great growing Brother!!!


Thanks everyone! This grow is slowly coming to an end soon, then all fixture will get DIYd and up for a fresh start with a scrog under cobs!


@dbrn32 is it possible for me to use the thermal tape i bought to stick my vero 10’s to the alu board? Or is it best to use thermal paste ?


Step one of LED building is done, lmfao that was quite easy :slight_smile: going to wire them to the drivers now. Bought a 15ft extension cord, cut it in half and bought a 3 pin male plug to have two wire, one for each drivers. Put these waterproof connectors for a solid connection.


Step two is done, wired power cords to drivers and also shrinked and connected wagos. Going to the dog doctor with miss Emma at 6 then ill be building!


Step 3 , put thermal tape under 22 strips :sleeping: that part is boring


Use paste for the cobs. The thermal load is higher and a lot more condensed on the cobs. The thermal resistance of the tape really isn’t that impressive. Fortunately enough the heat is already dispersed well on the strips so it really doesn’t matter.


Thanks for the info! More to come shortly :smiley:


Small technical problem my friend didnt leave enough space between bolts on some strips so we will unscrew and and screw from the other side so the head is not on the side of stripes


Ouch, you can fix it though. Definitely need to be mindful of space when bolting.


Yeah, i didnt picture it with these kind of bolts, guess i shoulda built it with him


Whatever, we fixed that and now one fixture is firing :slight_smile: 255 watts of eye breaking light, like even with glasses on it fked my brain up.


Nice work brother!