Blasting's Autopot journal



thanks alot kind sir, I took the first thing I could for now, income will be lower but hell dont have much choice right now before winter. I should get a new phone soon to update more. Everytime I start a journal for a reason it fudge up lol. We did lot of work on the new space, trying to customize it at best. i bought a fan that is extra fudging HUGE. 18" in my head seemed much smaller when I bought it online loll! we are gonna have to tweak one wall and make some kind of box thats coming out the wall to put the fan in and not have it above canopy. also got two small oscillating fans in the mail this morning, started using them right away in my tents for now lol, i like them ill prob buy 2 more when i can. its these little vivosun 6" clip fans. so yeh, we still need to do that tweak for the 18" fan, finish top and make holes for both 6" inline fans, then mount inside frame for scrog net then well be on to the light! my friend should start working on frame this week too! lots of projects and lots of things happening for both me and my friend so project is going slow but cant wait to scrog that whole cabinet with juicy buds!!! cant wait to finish flowering all the plants I have flowering right now and start over on a better note, one plant per tent , a scrog, tryna not have buds touching the light LOL, keep the valve ON when I leave for a week also should be done everytime also lollll


Glad you found some work!


Here is BB! it is now on the real flush of pure RO until I get back home wednesday, and then it is most likely coming down. I havent smoked since Wednesday, them rhum n cokes are keeping me fine so far, 12hours of work a day added to some rhum got me good enough to sleep so far, hardest part will probably be when I get back home. i have nothing on me right now and nothing home too. I want that job really bad lol i never tought i would stop smoking again for work since its going to be damn legal in canada in 12 days -.- oh well, I need that 110k job so yeah. now not to smoke some of that blueberry might me the hardest task LOL. gonn have to get rid of that fast and let my friend cure some for me.


Good luck getting the job.


thanks alot!


Best of luck dude! Plant looks great too!


Garlic Zkittles #3 (numbers are order of popping out of soil, got two fems out of 5 seeds)

Garlic Zkittles #1 (little less nice than #3 so far but have been under blurples)

Lemon Zkittles from dutch passion (buds are soooo big)

They are getting fed with their first dose of overdrive tonight, we are beginning week 8, I am thinking Im a little late on the overdrive but guess that will work out still :slight_smile:

I am thinking #1 and Lemon Zkittles are going to be a little longer then #3. #3 colors and frost are amazing cant wait to scrog that pheno!

Ive got a cellphone back so i should be updating a little more, other tent is sleeping so ill.update it tommorow.


Oh Baby, those are storybook buds @Blasting

Right out of a magazine brother, looking super!@!


Thanks man, appreciate that :smiley: having a hard time in my head right now so Im trying not to look at them too much and they have been pretty much neglected alot lately.

I wanna smoke one so bad, god.


I agree, very very nice!


@niala @screwauger @dbrn32

Is this bud rot? :frowning:


On a positive note heres a Blueberry bud, first bud i have found with rot if that is


Kinda looks like it. Usually very spongy feeling and can tell if you peel it open.

#374, no doubt that was it is was very spongy and juicy, trashed whole bud and cleaned the scissors real good, off to finishing this !!!


Good catch! Best to just remove whole bud.


I have heard too much about it with all these outdoor grows that I immediatly seen it lol, knew it just wasnt so sure.


Indded it looks like Botrytis. Keep and eye on any branches or nugs around that one for a few days. If possible, more fans!!!


Seems like it was the only one affected, I cut most.big buds into smaller one to make sure and didnt find any more, theyre hanging on the drying rack with an oscillating fan blowing bout 12ft away



If you didn’t do a H2O2 bath wash and rince Jorge Cervantes style, carefully inspect them daily to see if that sh&$ (cette merde) ne se propage pas, don’t propagate…

J’ai une solution qui pourrait marcher si c’est le cas, un peu plus radicale que le bain de Jorge, la concentration en H2O2 est beaucoup plus élevé… Au lieu de perdre t’as récolte pendant qu’t’est partie…mon frère… Tu perdra un peu de puissance, mes c’est mieux que de tout perdre…

Tag moi si c’est le cas, ok, je te donnerai la recette :grinning: :+1: :frog:

~Al :v: :innocent:


Thanks alot Al! Ill inspect them closely when I grt back home this afternoon to see if it propagated.